Only a few more days of the arts fest. Stuff about Weston Price, the author who wrote about nutrition in primitive societies.

We don’t get much of a break in the afternoon during the arts fest. We’re closing for a shorter time and then reopening the buffet in the evening.

Jesse said last night that he isn’t coming home in August because there is some kind of training he wants to do, but I can’t remember what it was called, the Honor Guard maybe. Last time he came home, it was Christmas, and he had only just recently fallen in love with Kaelin, who he had met on a dating app. I had told him he could date other people, but I wasn’t aware of what was happening at that time. So when he came home, he was emotionally detached and distant, and didn’t really want to visit me much. I only saw him a few times. After that, I started seeing Kaelin commenting on his facebook page, and I wrote a few emails to her asking about it, because I didn’t understand what was going on. But I also vented my own feelings and said that I was giving her my blessing if she wanted to have him, because there were problems in our relationship. However, as a result, she broke up with him, which actually wasn’t my intention.

I should make a new paragraph sometime.

The computer repair errand: yesterday I dropped off my laptop to get it repaired. The guy behind the counter who took the computer – semi-dual, ILE-ENTP, I decided, after talking to him about the computer. I will get the laptop back in a few days, and he also suggested I could get a bluetooth keyboard for the phone. I hesitate to use bluetooth instead of a normal wire, because I don’t like to be in a field of constant radiation – I actually felt a sensation of "brain burn" when I did things like uploading videos through wifi.

I might possibly use ginseng today. I don’t know yet. I need more energy. We are also getting out of work a little later so I’m riding my bike home in addition to working longer without a break.

What is Weston Price? He wrote a book called "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration." He and other peoplee observed that people’s bodies and faces became uglier and deformed and unhealthy if they grew up in a modern society, but in primitive societies, their bodies, faces, and teeth were perfectly formed. He studied their nutrition and found out that primitive people had much, much better nutrition than modern people. Whenever modern people invaded another country, they would start to sell modern foods to those people: white flour, white sugar, fruit jams and jellies, canned food, coffee, tobacco, and alcohol. People would start eating those foods, and all their teeth would fall out. But in primitive tribes, nobody brushed their teeth at all for their whole life, yet their teeth never fell out, because of their extremely nutritious diet. Then, they would start giving birth to children whose faces were deformed, with a mouth too small for their teeth, which would grow all crooked. Their bodies would grow up weaker and less well formed, with chronic health problems their parents didn’t have while the society was still independent and primitive.

That book emphasized the study of their nutrition and how it caused their children to be formed better or worse, but also, later on, other people also observed the deformities being caused by drug use during pregnancy: caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, the "normal" drugs, and many other drugs and chemicals, along with environmental pollution.

These deformities of the face happen when the skull bones start to grow, during pregnancy and childhood, but then stop growing and cannot grow any more because they were lacking enough nutrition or a chemical affected how they would grow. After they stop growing, they can never grow again. It is possible to use a spacer thing to widen the mouth instead of getting orthodontic braces, but for some reason people don’t usually do that. I am one of the people who grew up with a narrow, deformed mouth – I had braces, and had teeth removed. It also means my skull hasn’t grown as large as it was supposed to be, which means my brain is less developed than it ought to be, and my jaw is a "weak jaw," where it doesn’t stick out as much as it should. People with these deformities often have all sorts of health problems, brain problems, mood problems, and, in general, a harder life than people whose bodies and skulls developed completely. So the summary: during pregnancy, the mother’s good or bad nutrition, her use of all drugs including caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, birth control pills, and prescription drugs, and exposure to pollution in the environment during pregnancy or childhood, will cause a person’s body to develop a certain way and stay that way forever, but in primitive societies their bodies and health were actually much better.


2 Responses to “Only a few more days of the arts fest. Stuff about Weston Price, the author who wrote about nutrition in primitive societies.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I wonder if Weston Price gets a $ kickback from the paleo diet fad industry?

  2. Nicole Says:

    Well, the Weston Price followers often argue with the Paleo people, because sometimes the Paleo people say you should eat low fat and/or low carb (other Paleo people differ about that though), whereas Weston Price says high fat if it’s the right kind of fat, and carbs are allowed if they are properly processed (sprouted grains). My opinions on it are a bit complicated…

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