Pobrecita tontados, no siesta

I haven’t looked up "tontados" yet. I picked up on "tonto" and then heard a few things here and there. I don’t really want to know exactly what this insult means.

I’ve been hearing "nana." I found "nena" or "nene," baby, grandmother, slightly different words. It listed "nena" as "baby," term of endearment.

My clothes are all gross and sweaty and I cannot wash them when I get home from work exhausted.

I need a future. I chose a work schedule in the past where I would have a balance between free time and work time, but made no money that way. I am making no money this way either, because I cannot settle in at home and use the kitchen while being evicted. I buy food every day because I don’t like to eat the same foods every day. I buy cans of espresso because they are stronger than regular coffee. I spend as much money on food every day as I get paid at my job.

I need my own house with a food factory. I will have industrial coolers. I might get Japanese low tables where you sit on the floor to work or eat. I will prepare tons of food in advance and the freeze it, so I can have ready made meals that only need to be thawed. All the space must be mine. I cannot share the factory with people who dominate the space so that I can’t choose where things go.

I couldn’t nap today because we only closed for a short time this afternoon and then reopened. I had to wash dishes the while time. I didn’t know we were restarting as early as 4:00.

I learn if I write with a pen. I had energy drinks with ginseng the other day, and on the bus ride home, I had a couple minutes to do Spanish sentences.

Today I have had a lot of ibuprofen and am very tired. I am no use here today. They must be angry that I’m thumb typing right now, but I need an outlet. I am miserable. I will have to say more later.


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