Paranoia about shooters

I was walking down the sidewalk yesterday at siesta break, and a guy was walking towards me. I saw him from afar and my first reaction was that he looked and felt wrong and dangerous. The voice in my head said, "ACTIVE SHOOTER." We passed each other. His lips were moving as though he were mumbling. He had on a camouflage baseball cap and a few more camo items. He had a bit of a graying beard.

But then, after he passed, I looked at his shirt from behind. It said "Goodwill," the store. They supposedly help mentally ill people get jobs. I thought, maybe he is mentally ill and on drugs and that’s why he was mumbling.

Nobody cares about the State College PutaFest. It’s not a national holiday, and there are no gay people involved. It isn’t sending money to make wars in foreign countries.

Shooters happen less often than, I dunno, lightning strikes.

If the voices in my head insist, however, I will wear my bulletproof armor tomorrow.

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