Headache. Why no brightness button on phone?

It would be so much easier to turn the brightness up and down the old fashioned way, with an external mechanical button. This is a function I use a lot, to save energy on the phone, but when it’s sunny outside, I can’t even see the menu I have to go into, and can’t see the button I have to push, to turn up the brightness. My brother John (shoutout to John!) was amused and concerned about my difficulties using my phone, and the struggle to increase the brightness on a sunny day, without being able to find, see, or drag the brightness button, was the first thing he saw.

I now have a worsening headache, and my brain is tired and stupid. I can’t even rouse myself to help make samosas with the boys, and I love being with them.

I forgot what else I was going to say. I just need to sleep.

I want to write a "why I love Guatemalans" post, but can’t do it justice right now.


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