Troll movie critic compliments “Equals” after writing all about how bad it is

At the end of his review he – damn it, I can’t copy and paste it. He says it leaves him with the desire to run naked through the woods leaping and making a joyful noise. I tried to copy the quote but I’m using the PutaPhone so things like "copy and paste" require an advanced college degree. This was a troll who wrote all about how bland and awful the movie was, and then wrote that at the end.

Somebody typed Kristin Stewart as SLI-ISTP, the same as myself, so I want to see this movie, and also see if it’s anything like The Giver, which I also really loved. I want to see if the guy is an IEE-ENFP, if they properly typecasted their actors.

Equals, the movie. If I have any free time I will try to go on Sunday, but it might be the week after that, if I’m busy moving out to give this room to the phantom nephew.

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