Random stuff

I’m waiting to go catch the bus. All my laundry is dirty. I was able to get a shower but have started sometimes washing my hair with the braid still in, which gradually causes more tangling and pulling and cannot be done for long.

I haven’t been able to talk about slavery, since I can’t easily explain the money supply while thumb typing. Information about money came from other people who can explain it better. Also, I need to organize a group of people to talk about the concept of land ownership and talk about alternative systems and methods that the modern system could be transformed into. I have no free time at the moment to do that.

I have to also explain who is a slave – everyone. It’s just that some slavery is more painful than other kinds. I can’t explain it though without having a real keyboard to type on, a mentally alert brain, and enough time.

When I’m not on herbal drugs, I completely stop making any attempt to learn Spanish. This is frustrating. I don’t want to always be on drugs. I’ve only been using ginseng in recent years, but St. John’s Wort does it too, it’s just that SJW causes fatigue and contamination, so I don’t use it anymore..

I’ve started getting breakfast sandwiches at Sheetz. They might be high calorie enough to prevent me from being hungry at work.

I can’t have food in the fridge, because all this time, I was told I would have to leave soon on an unknown date. I can’t keep six bags of frozen vegetables in the freezer when I’m moving out, and I haven’t been able to cook. I need my own house with my own food preparation factory.


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