Conflicts between socionic identicals might come from their two dimensional functions, or, at least, their weak functions. Also I found a REAL conspiracy to prevent fruit trees from being planted.

When I’m in a very negative, angry, sick, overcaffeinated, malnourished, exhausted, herbally-drugged, stressed and anxious, premenstrual mood (like now), I hate the whole world. I find various targets for the anger. Right now the anger is directed at Michael the archangel, my socionic identical who has been so kind and generous as to tolerate my presence in his house for months…

The other day I was going to water my plants with the hose, and I asked Mike if he wanted me to water his newly transplanted strawberries, which looked miserable and wilted on that hot day. But there was a reason why I asked him before watering them, and his answer, "No, not in the middle of the day!" in a scandalized tone of voice – unthinkable! – verified that I was right to ask.

There is this common delusional belief that "something bad will happen" if you water plants when it’s hot and sunny. I do it all the time and absolutely nothing happens except that my plants are grateful that I gave them water when they needed it so badly. The delusional belief is something like "the plants will get cooked by the steam and they will die." I have heard of this before, my bullshit detector went off, I ignored it and always water my plants whenever I damn well please, and nothing ever goes wrong.

The other delusional belief of his, which is annoying me right now because I might have to violate it, is, "You have to avoid putting particular foods into the compost, because they will make it get moldy and mold is bad." You can’t put meat in there, for instance. Meat is the very thing that I most vehemently desire to compost, out of respect for the animals who died. The least I can do is let their bodies nourish the earth instead of going into a trash dump. Mold is harmless outdoors. I have to throw out my fridge foods now and I fear he won’t like what I put into the compost.

My brother gave me a link to "guerilla grafting," an article about people grafting fruit tree branches on ornamental trees in cities. This article explained the stupid, evil, delusional, misguided reason why there are no fruit trees: "Fruit causes people to slip and fall, and it attracts vermin." Bullshit detector alarm going off right now! Misguided, misdirected values. It’s really for the purpose of conspiring with mainstream farmers to prevent competition from people picking fruit off trees for free. There was this actual nonprofit organization mentioned in the article who were all conspiring to prevent fruit on urban trees. I forget the name. "Urban Green Areas" or something like that was the name. I assure you if anyone investigated those groups, they would find connections to farmers who don’t want the world to have infinite free fresh fruit every fall.


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