I have to keep trying to pack stuff. Looked over the rooftops and thought of flying machines

I didn’t pack anything yet, but I have to do something to at least signal to Mike that I’m doing something. Surely he must be getting mad by now. It’s just hard to do much after working 60 hours a week.

I had an interesting July 4th. I went into town to go visit my tent. It’s still there. I didn’t want to carry a bunch of belongings to the tent only to find that it was knocked down.

Then I wandered around town. There was a parade, so I watched it. Kind of boring, but oh well. I saw people up on top of the parking garages looking down at the parade, so I decided to go up there myself after it was over.

I was mostly alone. I actually went up on several parking garages. My attackers were keeping me on an extremely tight leash while giving me a treat for Independence Day – a tiny bit more excitement than usual. They were petrified thinking that I would try to jump off th building on impulse. I have absolutely no desire or intention to do that, but I was being constantly attacked with whatever weapons they are using, as they tried to forcibly prevent me from just relaxing and looking out over the view. I wanted to fantasize about flying, but "they" take it as a suicide threat if I merely so much as look out over a high place while fantasizing about flying from building to building, like I used to imagine as a child. So I was permitted to look from up there, briefly, while being constantly attacked by an extremely paranoid external persona that kept constantly urging me to leave and go back down. They were afraid I would be forced against my will. Again, it is absolutely not my will to do that. But I was allowed this brief adventure, thinking of flying machines and flying suits. We should all have our own by now. The reason we don’t is because of slavery.

My coworker said they went swimming at Whipple Dam. I went there years ago. That sounded like fun.


One Response to “I have to keep trying to pack stuff. Looked over the rooftops and thought of flying machines”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I had a day. The whole reverse interest thing meant I financed rather than purchased out right the Patriot. I have been checking, double and triple the mail box but NO Payment Book yet!

    I woke up to a phone call about my car loan. My first conscious thought was WTF ID theft?????????

    Then we discovered Gemini was missing. Thank DEITY Gem crawled out from underneath the pile of debris from Trader Joe’s Trailer two hours later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kittens are too cute!
    Heidi has bottle fed this duo of sisters to triple size and quintuple weight! So much love in a furry package that won’t even register a weight on the bathroom scale!



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