Still very tired today. And how are you?

I did use the ginseng, but it isn’t helping enough. I am weary.

I never say "como estás," and in English, I never ask anyone "how are you." Never. For some reason, I can say hello and goodbye as a politeness or pleasantry, but not "how are you."

The reason for me is because so many people expect to hear only a fast, simple, good answer that is always the same and always positive and good. Like, "Great! How are you?" "Wonderful!" And it’s over.

My life is never great. If anyone really wants to know, they can read my blog which is ten thousand pages long. Note: I don’t expect people to read it all – that’s impossible. You would do nothing but read it for years, while more was being added every day. I just mean that my life is complicated, and I don’t enjoy lying and saying it’s great. I am also often willing to listen, like a free therapist, while other people tell me their problems. That doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, I am a patient listener, although I feel frustrated because I cannot really help them.

So I can’t bear to even ask "como estás" (oh screw those doggone accents – they’re too hard to wait for when you press them) when I don’t know enough Spanish to understand a real, deep, complicated answer.

I wonder about things like, "How do you feel about being so far from home? Are you lonely? Do you feel like you have no free time? Do you want to have more of a life than this? Do you have any goals and plans?" None of that can be said with a simple "how are you." So I don’t. It doesn’t mean I don’t care. I actually care too much.


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