The land ownership and rental conspiracy, and slavery

I took a.ginseng pill yesterday after going a few days without one. I qas drinking ginseng in energy drinks. The pill has altered my mind.

I might not fix typos.

I want to talk about global slavery. I want to talk about "first world" slavery that regular people experience. I want to talk about the cost of living and renting and buying land. I want to talk to my beloved coworkers about kidnapping healthy people in foreign countries and using them as slaves in our country.

Why do you have burns, my dear? Is it merely from cooking? Maybe so, but Yuri from Ukraine told me he had been kidnapped by the mafia and forced to work as a slave, and they gave him cigarette burns on his arms. I have burns from McDonald’s but they don’t look like yours. Were those just drops of hot oil?

Even if you are free, we are slaves too. Slaves who get money.

I have too much to say, and I must take a shower. I didn’t yesterday. But let me ask questions that will make the libertarians roll over in their graves and/or their wheeled office chairs. What would happen if the price of land was arbitrarily lowered so, for instance, I could buy a house with land in only two years with a small down payment? What if it were illegal for one big rich person to go around buying all the cheap land then forcing people to rent it? Oh the humanity! Free trade would be violated! The sacred cow would be eaten!

I must play up the fact that I am a Former Libertarian when I give my speeches.

I can’t stop my phone from updating. The voice microphone changed. I think a nice hacker stopped it from going "GLOINK" loudly when my volume is all the way down, but now it’s gloinking again, although I no longer have to hit a tiny unresponsive X five times to close it. I changed a setting recently too.

Anyway, I must play up the "ex-libertarian" thing, to get more attention. I am not merely ignorant of the gospel, I have outright betrayed it.

I cannot write enough now on this tiny slow keyboard. I must go to slavery.

There is so much more to say.

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