Care Bear

The untyped guy is a SLE socionic type for certain. Today a couple of us accidentally triggered his vulnerable function, Fi. Every person has one weakness, something which is hard to do and always will be. Mine is Fe, expressing feelings visibly, which I cannot do.

He was singing a funny song. I don’t know the details, only that it was something vulgar. Then the new guy came in (suspected LII) and was asking him his name.

I had a feeling this was a bad thing to do. His name is hard to say in English, and anyone who has watched cartoons in the last couple decades is going to hear "Care Bear," which is what I heard. So the guy looked confused and tried to repeat it back to him – "Care Bear?" And so I jumped in and spelled his name and said it’s like Herbert. We have the names Gerber and Herbert in English, but they are both uncommon.

Care Bears are brightly colored, round, cute bears who shoot out the magic of love and caring from their hearts to magically heal people and solve problems. They’re on youtube.

This is like when there’s a mafia boss with a cute name, like Babyface Sweetums, or something, and everyone has to be warned, "Don’t tease him about his name."

He got slightly irritated, and perhaps even emotionally moved or saddened or touched, and I quickly said "Sorry!"

I have past experience with SLE types. When Fi is your vulnerable function, you never know who is your friend or how people feel about you. Friendship is either all the way on, or all the way off. We are either best friends forever, or totally not speaking to each other, and it’s hard to ever know exactly what kind of relationship you have with someone. They prefer to see emotions expressed outwardly, which is the one thing that my own type, SLI, cannot do.

Socionics really does help me, especially when I need to understand the LSI or SLE.

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