Puta madre! The “notes” app is NOT an alternative to writing directly on the gmail page.

I am grouchy. I just got back from the American Ale House, which is the closest restaurant. I have been going there on days when the bus doesn’t run.

I don’t like sit down fancy restaurants. You can’t choose your portion size, and invariably get way too much of something. OH MY FUCKING GOD PUTA MADRE so much for my plan of trying to blog using the "notes" app.

Let me explain. This idiotic notes program requires you to first make a custom sized box to put your text. You have to stretch the borders of the box to make it a custom size. I just want to write a fucking note, and not have to arrange a fancy format each time. But it’s hard or impossible to stretch the text box below the screen so you can keep writing indefinitely. It still lets you write and remembers what you’re writing, but if you go too far, it starts putting this idiotic message over top of your keyboard, which cannot be permanently dismissed or permanently ignored, although if you keep typing it fades away, then comes back, but you can’t see letters on the keyboard. The message is a stupid, pointless, idiotic warning that says, "Text is too long to be displayed completely." Are you telling me that an app called "notes" is meant to be some kind of fancy public presentation that everyone is going to see when you put it up on a display projector at the meeting of management or something, and it’s so life or death urgent "how it looks" and "how it’s displayed" and "whether your text box is going to stretch partway down the screen with a handwritten unreadable scrawl using the "draw script" thing underneath it in the extra space"… what the fuck! Who the fuck uses this program for the purpose of a PRESENTATION! Who the fuck needs an artsy format with the margin of the text box placed just so!

I cannot even select it to copy and paste it into gmail. The only way is by pushing the magnifying glass button to shrink the text super small, then manually select it all while it’s visible on the screen. There is no way to select and copy text outside the screen.

Okay, you can select all, but the option to do so only appears after you’ve already selected a word in the text. And it’s a meaningless symbol whose function only appears if you press and hold the button. But who wants to risk pressing random buttons to see what they do after being traumatized multiple times by the losses of text!! What fucking retard forces you to play Russian Roulette and find out if this meaningless symbol might mean "delete all," "close without saving," or some other dangerous destructive thing you don’t want to do! Fucking imbeciles!

I got so mad about the "notes" program I never finished complaining about the restaurant. To sum it up I just don’t like lowfat foods and I don’t like not being able to choose exactly what I want and how much like at a buffet. I don’t like it that I got like an entire pound of broccolini, and the menu said it had chorizo with it, which is sausage, right, or does "chorizo" not mean the same thing to them that it means to me? It had cheese, and nuts, but no sausage anywhere. And it was cooked in some light oil which isn’t filling. I need animal fat.

The octopus appetizer was good, though. I like it that they are getting some of their food from local farms, too. I will never eat the pistachio ice cream again though. It came with a dessert. That was last time I went there. The dessert was okay, but the ice cream was a shockingly horrifying disaster. It was, of course, artificially colored a dull green to symbolize the fact that it contained pistachios. I doubt the pistachios themselves made it that color. But it looked, tasted, and felt like eating green clay. It nearly made me throw up. It seemed to contain no fat or milk and was not like ice cream, more like water ice shaved into the smallest grains, mixed with stale rancid pistachio powder and greenish-brown food coloring and maybe some sugar. It was seriously your worst food nightmare. Does ANYONE like their pistachio ice cream, who isn’t a troll?

Okay, I’m done.

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