Weather War attacks the UK to disrupt vote

I’m just guessing it’s an attack. They’re getting horrible rain and lightning and floods. The gods of the new world order don’t approve of anybody trying to Brexit. Brexiting could become a Thing. It could inspire millions of ignorant, optimistic, naive, foolish young millenials around the world to try the same thing. If it rains really hard, maybe fewer people will vote who aren’t being paid to vote.

One Does Not Simply Brexit. Insert meme of Boromir making that hand gesture.

Power and Goodness are usually mutually exclusive and inversely related, so even if Leave somehow wins, I will distrust whatever caused it to happen. All voting processes everywhere are completely controlled by evil, and if evil decided to let the UK brexit, then it probably has an evil reason for doing so. It must have decided the slaves would become more profitable that way.

A lot of evil and power is in fact located in the UK, as that’s where a lot of gold is traded. London voted to remain. That’s puzzling to think that the region with the most money and power is seemingly losing the vote.

I haven’t read enough articles about this issue, especially since I’m using a DumbPhone right now, so I can’t really summarize what the people are saying and belieiving about Brexit.

Oh, this poor phone. It’s not so bad. I’m getting used to it. I got the cheapest one with the fewest features and not even an accelerometer, so I can’t turn it sideways to type. The app designers should put a button WITHIN the app to turn it to landscape instead of portrait. Youtube does it with their fullscreen setting. My keyboard and all apps should do it too. I shouldn’t need an accelerometer at all in the phone.

On Jun 23, 2016 8:44 AM, "Nicole Binns" <eagledove9> wrote:

It’s exactly like prisoners voting to get out of prison. The very idea is laughable. Of course people want to leave! People want to secede from the USA too. You are nothing more than a source of revenue to them. What you want doesn’t matter.

I won’t use autocorrect. Autocorrect is even worse than mistakes. I can have the word "and" replaced with the word "smorgasbord" at random moments just for fun.

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