Brexit, or maybe Brwxir as my thumb keyboard wants to call it, is being voted on today. I’m not sitting around eagerly and excitedly hoping they will vote to leave. No real vote is taking place, and it’s not possible to vote to leave. No small state ever gets to vote to leave a big group of states, ever. Didn’t Ireland already try? The vote will be rigged by the mafia slave owners who want all the sources of funding they can get.

You can never legitimately vote to leave ANYTHING and actually get away with it. The only time a country crumbles is when powerful, wealthy outside sources make it happen, as an act of war, like when we artificially made the Soviet Union quote "collapse under its own weight." I will be extremely surprised if Brexit happens, and if it does, it’s an act of war by China. Or maybe by Vhina. Vhina, China, it’s all the same to my thumb keyboard.

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