Not much time to thumb type

It’s almost impossible to type on this phone, and I have no plan yet for how to fix the computer, just because I am too busy and can only do one errand per day.

I keep hitting random buttons and making bizarre things happen. At least I knew to turn off autocorrect!

I have to be careful not to hold the phone while naked with the camera pointing the wrong way. All phones are universally hacked by both the NSA and other random people, and looking through cameras at naked people is their reason to live. Too stupid to become advocates of legal nudism.

If I had MAKE THAT FUCKING THING GO AWAY! I keep hitting a little microphone button, which makes my keyboard vanish, and it makes a "gloink" sound even though my volume is all the way down, and then it wants me to speak instead of typing, and I have to press and hold down the X like five times before it closes and goes back to the keyboard. WHAT WAS I SAYING???

If I had more time I’d tell more about what’s been going on. I’ll have to use the library computers.

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