I think that’s the right word. Four Guatemalans, brought here by unknown means, maybe by the same G4S company Mateen worked for… Yesterday I said I wondered what time to come back and get my pay, and OTM #1 said, "He pays you?" (Other Than Mexican.) I will ask the little esclavo a few more questions today to see if I understood correctly. I recall Yuri and others cleaning the Target store at night. Yuri told me he was kidnapped by the Russian Mafia and forced to work as a slave. He had cigarette burns on his arms. I had a dream just now that I was fighting a very big strong man and had to stab him with a knife to save my life, but he was still alive afterwards and kept pursuing me. I keep noticing mistakes – I’m thumb typing on a tiny phone screen.


2 Responses to “Esclavo”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Selling points 4wd and price.

    Clincher it has these-


  2. Nicole Says:

    Crank windows!!!! Me gusta! I do like jeeps.

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