only a couple minutes before I leave for work

I’m taking a taxi to work today because there are no buses that run early enough for me on saturday. I still haven’t fixed the shift key so a lot of letters aren’t capitalized.

I’m working too much, but he cut my hours a little bit on the days when we’re not really busy, because the students aren’t back yet.

I’m still going to try to get a bookkeeping job.

Darn it, the taxi just sent me a text message saying it’s on the way. I’m not ready yet.

I might have had a net loss of money this week, instead of gaining anything by working. I have to pay off my credit card, for one thing. I used it to buy food. I have to get a bike battery so I can ride to work. Then I have to also look for someone who will hire me to do bookkeeping and data entry.

I have to get ready – I’m not even dressed for work yet. Damn it.


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