a couple more things they say

9:16 AM 6/18/2016

I never posted this. I was reading stuff on the net and writing down some of the common things that the voices (prerecorded meaningless voices) said. I might as well post it.


‘A big smile on his face,’ or ‘He had a HUGE GRIN on his face.’ ‘Those are the words.’
‘And now you know.’
‘You learn from experience.’

‘Give me the phone.’ (This one seems to mean that somebody is talking on the phone about something very urgent and important, and somebody nearby wants to use the phone and talk to the person on the other end. Either that or it means they need to make a call right now about something very important or something urgent that has just happened or changed. It has a sense of great urgency.)

‘Want some?’
‘You passed the test!’

Now that I’m writing them down, I’m realizing there are hundreds of them and they have a couple variations.

‘Forgive me,’ a variation of ‘I’m sorry.’
‘Let her learn.’
‘At least someone has a clue.’
‘You have a clue!’

I’m noticing a pattern, that a lot of the ones I’m remembering have to do with ‘knowing things,’ things that matter, things that maybe other people don’t know.

‘You don’t even know.’
‘Have fun with that.’


g4s looks like ‘gas.’ ‘gas’ was recurring theme. person in voices had gas. fart sounds. this was a secret warning that g4s or security was nearby observing.

‘There are reasons.’

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