This low-fat, high-rice diet is gonna kill me

Well, so far, at my job, I’m getting rice, rice, rice, and also, rice. I also get chicken. If I’m really lucky I can get a chance to eat a couple of the other foods that we make there. But everything seems to be low fat. They do use whole milk in their sauce, but even so, I feel like I am getting hardly any fat and just way too much rice. This morning, I opened up the stick of butter that I have in the refrigerator and I just bit into it with my teeth.

I’ve had ibuprofen and vivarin this morning, so I feel the potential to go off on a rant. I won’t do that – I don’t have time. It’s only, what, Wednesday? So I have four more days of work including today. This job is killing me, but I’m going to be making efforts to continue going down the bookkeeping job pathway. I’m looking into it. I have a couple of specific things that I’m going to do. I’m not necessarily going to buy the QuickBooks training program or anything yet – it’s other stuff that I’m going to do to look into this.

I have so many uses for the tiny amount of money that I’m going to earn that it will all vanish in an instant and not do me any good whatsoever. This is very frustrating. I want to make permanent, irreversible improvements in my quality of life. I need to do things that cannot be undone. Permanent improvements – things like gaining a skill, gaining experience, learning something, getting a better job.


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