Law enforcement did a ‘controlled explosion’ near the scene

‘There you have it.’ (Steve said this out loud to me the other day. I occasionally hear people saying the phrases out loud. Steve took me out to eat on the day when I wasn’t feeling well. He’s an
ex-boyfriend from a few years ago before I met Jesse, and he every once in a while stops by to say hello and takes me out for coffee.)

‘Just let it go.’
‘As long as you know.’

CONTROLLED EXPLOSION NEAR SCENE by police department! This fits the usual pattern – law enforcement and/or military are doing some kind of activity near where the attack occurs. It’s as if they know something is going to happen, or else as if they are going to participate in it or cause it to happen.

The CIA or somebody used to say that they would listen to ‘chatter’ to see if anything was going on. ‘Chatter’ is the stupid repetitive shit being played on recordings inside my head.

Yes, it was at about 2 in the morning last night.

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