whoa! Protease inhibitors are… an anti-HIV drug? for free?

I looked up my email from the hopniss guy and yes, he did mention protease inhibitors as one possible thing it could be, although he also said it could be lectins. So I don’t know for certain if it actually is a protease inhibitor.

But if you google protease inhibitors, you see that they are actually an HIV drug. It’s not so obvious that they are also a naturally occurring plant poison which a person could potentially get, by themselves, for free! The google search results don’t just jump right out and tell you it comes from plants, although I haven’t actually read all the first results yet. I just have a feeling that this won’t necessarily be said out loud. I don’t think they would want you to know that you can get an antiretroviral drug for free from plants, or which plants.

I’m going to work as a dishwasher tomorrow. I’ll see how it goes. It’s going to be a lot of very long hours.


10 Responses to “whoa! Protease inhibitors are… an anti-HIV drug? for free?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Do u have HIV

  2. Nicole Says:

    No, I myself don’t, but I meant (kind of sarcastically) that the drugs could be free for other people who wanted them. However, I’ve considered the possibility that chronic fatigue syndrome might be a virus made in a laboratory which has been attached to a fragment of the HIV virus, because I was reading about them using the HIV virus to deliver various types of artificial viruses to people. But no, I don’t have HIV or AIDS.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    If you have CFS that’s treatable. I noticed in high school you were having personality change so I would say you have a personality disorder. What have Drs diGnosrd you with?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    The majority of the modern pharmacopeia comes from Flora.
    CFS is just modern “slang” for “malaise” they rewrite their “journals” on the payroll of the pill makers.

    When you get to Breitbart and beta-blockers let me know!


    PS- Asperger’s was written out in a recent edition… Pop-Psi just rewrite history as it happens via an AI controlled cellular device…

    PPS- Bad guys eventually always get caught? LOL

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Knowledge’s power, only exists if it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt to a body of 12 peers.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    so I’ve been reading this for awhile and you don’t seem to have a plan

  7. Nicole Says:

    Oh and the only reason that was kind of sarcastic was because the protease inhibitors have such horrible side effects, based on what I read, that I think it would be hard to control the effects you would get by deliberately poisoning someone with hopniss to try to stop their AIDS virus. I don’t know, it just seems like a bad idea…. but then, the actual drugs used for AIDS are just as horrific too, so maybe hopniss poisoning isn’t so bad compared to them.

  8. Nicole Says:

    I don’t really view things as ‘disorders’ and I don’t really like to label things. The only reason why I’d need to label myself as having a disorder would be if I were trying to 1. go get a prescription for a drug, or 2. get disability payments, which I suspect would also require me to use drugs. I wouldn’t mind getting disability payments, except I imagine they’d require me to use drugs that I don’t want to take. I react so badly to all drugs and all chemicals, I don’t want to risk even trying. I felt suicidal from taking the lowest dose of Prozac (20mg), and I even opened up the pill and cut the dosage in half. I had withdrawal effects lasting over a month from taking that dosage of Prozac for only a week. I stopped taking it because it was making me suicidal and completely numb and completely without feeling, along with causing me severe and horrible problems with sexual arousal and orgasm. I’ve read secondhand other people’s stories of how they tried to take one different kind of pill after another after another, only having different kinds of side effects. My problems are manageable without drugs – I’m not walking around ‘acting crazy’ in a way that’s visible to everyone. So, those are the only reasons I would need an official label. I don’t see myself as having a personality disorder, but I did find it informative to learn about the 16 personality types and socionics – that helped me understand why I didn’t fit in with particular people and why I couldn’t get what I wanted from the school system.

  9. Nicole Says:

    The only official label I ever got was ‘psychotic’ which was given to me during a breakdown which was *caused by Prozac*, in 2003.

  10. Nicole Says:

    No, that’s true, I don’t. It’s very hard to plan my future now. I used to try. I experience something exactly like what other ‘targeted individuals’ experience, which is, recurring uncontrollable random disasters and life problems, and ‘bad decisions’ that I make as a result of suggestions I get from the voices in my head. It’s an endless struggle to even save a couple hundred dollars without losing it immediately due to some disaster, like a sudden unexpected job loss, a sudden illness, a sudden huge expense that instantly destroys all my money. If I had a plan at all, I would say that the plan is to become a bookkeeper, because that earns more money while allowing me to sit at a desk and not run around doing hard physical labor, and after that, I’m planning to get more certifications or degrees, or something, gradually. I’m planning to own some kind of home instead of renting, and would like to own land. Most of my ‘plans’ require me to buy things that require enormous debts, in order to make my life more stable. I also have some vague hopes of starting an intentional community, but that’s not at the level that I could ever call it a ‘plan’ yet. I would bring together like minded people to cooperate with each other and help each other. I’m planning to experiment with building a shield that will block out electromagnetic energy, and then I would observe the effect that the shield would have on the voices I hear and the attacks I experience.

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