It seems that Mayapples are probably the cause….

I plowed through a whole field of Mayapples that looked like this:

I’m not sure if that link will show a photo. Basically, there’s a big field like that, which was right in my way. Not only did I just blunder around in it, I also laid my bicycle right down in the middle of it, thinking to myself, ‘wow! Umbrella plants! These should hide my bicycle!’

Then it turns out, from reading, that these plants are very poisonous, the whole plant. I broke all of them, so surely there would be lots of Mayapple plant juice all over my bike.

I’ll keep on watching the hopniss plant and interacting with it over time, to see how I react to it separately, in a situation where I’m not getting covered with Mayapple plant juice. then I’ll see if they cause any vomiting.


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