I’m sick for real! do I have secondhand vaccination syndrome?

I’ve been sick ever since Jason came home. He’s just been in the marines. All branches of the army vaccinate you with a million deadly diseases so that you can go home and spread them to your friends and family, thereby justifying more government intervention.

I did actually wonder if I was catching pertussis again when I put my tent up, and that was before Jason came home, so I’m really not sure.

But today, I for real, legit, dry-heaved twice while I was walking home from the bus. I had just been all over the place and was so dead exhausted I could not even walk. I was starting to feel sicker and sicker on the bus, in such a way that it actually felt like retching would be the right thing to do. for me, vomiting and retching are almost *never* the right thing to do, and I absolutely, stubbornly, completely, totally suppress it, for hours and hours and hours. But I had an empty stomach, so it didn’t bother me as badly. I don’t mind dry heaving quite as much as actually vomiting.

I just stepped off the bus, walked a little way home, and then suddenly decided that now was the right moment to dry heave, making the noises and everything. then I just kept on walking like everything was fine, got most of the way home, and decided that now was the right time for another one.

I think I’m going to go outside and just kind of quietly wander around, because I might prefer to retch and vomit outdoors instead of in the bathroom. I still feel like I am not done with this. I can’t believe it – I don’t get vomit viruses, EVER. I never get them badly enough that I actually vomit. but I seriously lost control of my bowels while walking the other day – I was that sick. I never, ever get this sick. Maybe I reinfected myself today because I started washing off the clothes I had been wearing when that happened. Maybe after that washing is all done, I’ll get better.

I turned in a job application. they haven’t called me yet. they probably never will. I also checked on the tent.

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