Horrifying anti-tobacco commercials don’t solve the problem!

I’ve been seeing these commercials on TV when I walk downstairs and Mike has the TV on. They are showing people who chewed tobacco and then got mouth cancer, and have had parts of their mouth removed, their teeth falling out, death, and white patches on the mouth, and saying this is what happens when you chew tobacco. The commercials are extremely horrifying and depressing.

This bothers me, because those commercials are not solving the problem AT ALL. They’re basically telling people that quitting tobacco, or avoiding it in the first place, is nothing but a mere act of will. All you have to do is choose, using your voluntary free will, to use sheer brute force and refrain from using tobacco, or to quit it if you’ve already started, and nothing more than this act of will and act of brute force is needed.

However, the real problem is UNIVERSAL SLAVERY. Bills are getting higher and higher. People have to work a hundred hours a week merely to prevent themselves from getting thrown out of their houses and getting their house foreclosed. The only thing that makes this possible is tobacco. Tobacco is the only thing that keeps you from going crazy every day. Tobacco is the only reason why you can get out of bed to work your sixteen hour double shifts. tobacco is the reason why you remain cheerful on the job instead of telling people how you really feel.

If you quit tobacco, you have to endure weeks, or months, of withdrawal. during this withdrawal, you might experience symptoms which are directly caused by withdrawal, or, you might also experience symptoms which come from your underlying chronic conditions, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, which maybe you already had to begin with and maybe it was one of the reasons why you took tobacco in the first place. that problem is unsolved. That problem is the reason why you can’t work enough hours to keep your house from being foreclosed. tobacco makes it possible to work sixteen hour shifts without complaining and remain cheerful instead of hateful.

I somehow avoided tobacco for the most part, except for transdermal residues when I was attempting to plant it and grow it in pots (which failed for various reasons and I didn’t try again). I was able to choose not to smoke. However, I also have a lot of help that other people don’t have. I have parents who are STILL sending me money to help me with my life at age 41, and I just now called Mom on the phone and asked her again, a few minutes ago.

I probably would be a much greater success at life if I had chosen to use tobacco! I probably would have a real job right now, and I probably would be making a lot of money. I might even have money saved. I would have been able to do a lot of projects. My life would have had some resemblance to the life that a normal person is supposed to have in the United States. If I were using tobacco I’d be able to do all the things that I absolutely cannot do, like filling out paperwork.

I’m being devil’s advocate here in a way, because I don’t believe in using tobacco, I totally agree with the dangers of using it, I don’t believe in using any drugs that affect your body and your mind and alter your personality, and I also DON’T BELIEVE IN UNIVERSAL SLAVERY from a fiat money system and a real estate ownership system that causes the cost of living to go up, and up, and up, and up, and up, while we can’t even plant our own food and eat it (and I haven’t proven whether hopniss is going to be edible or not – it’s one of the suspects in my upset stomach, although I have several other suspects, including a new type of coffee that I never bought before, and coffee has made me extremely sick in the past depending on what brand it is).

they need to tell people about the types of tobacco that are less likely to cause cancer. this is a compromise. it’s possible to still use tobacco. there is something called snus, which has less of the nitrosamines in it. You might be able to find a type of tobacco that doesn’t have so much nitrosamine in it, even if it isn’t snus. I don’t know all the factors that make the tobacco more toxic and carcinogenic.

and then, aside from that, people need help simply to survive and pay the bills.

I just had a discussion with Mike which went well – I just wanted him to know that I’m not screwing around and taking advantage of his generosity just for the fun of it. I really am trying to apply for jobs, and I just took in another job application today (before coming home and dry heaving on the way home and needing to take a rest for a while).

the tobacco commercials are just too horrible, too disturbing, too depressing, and they fail to solve the real problems of people being totally unable to control their lives. If it’s so easy to quit tobacco or avoid it in the first place, then it must also be perfectly easy for me to just stop using vivarin and caffeine all of a sudden, because I don’t want to use those either – they are one of the biggest reasons why my hips are in so much pain, although the bike seat is another reason. I can quit caffeine completely, and then I have to lie in bed doing nothing but sleep 24 hours a day for about three months, until my body remembers how to live without caffeine, and meanwhile, I will need absolutely the best nutrition available, otherwise I will get malnourished from being so tired that I can’t get out of bed to go shopping and do the cooking and food preparation.

so if it’s so easy to ‘just decide’ to live without tobacco, if you can just push a magic button and live without tobacco, while failing to treat the underlying conditions and the underlying life
circumstances that caused you to need tobacco in the first place and are causing you to continue to need it all the time, if it’s so easy to do that, then I want to use that same magic button and magically choose to stop using caffeine, while somebody pays for all of my life, all of my existence, all of my food, all of my housing, all of my miscellaneous expenses, while I get the luxury of just lying in bed for months and months, and maybe forever – maybe I won’t just get through the withdrawal – maybe the lying in bed will simply be the permanent result of stopping caffeine.

I believe in the type of world where it isn’t necessary to use any drugs to survive. there are reasons why people use drugs – it’s because they don’t have any support, and often, it’s because they have other health problems that are undiagnosed, or misunderstood, or misinterpreted, or they have poor nutrition and are hungry all the time – there are many reasons, in addition to needing drugs to pretend that you don’t hate the insanity of our society and hate the insanity of the evil job that you have to do every day after getting up at 5:00 am so that you can commute two hours to work.

I believe in changing society so that all of that is no longer necessary, and so, we won’t need to use drugs anymore. we will have lower expectations, which will match the realistic abilities and realistic potentials of the actual people whenever they are drug free. I know from experience that my potential is greatly lowered when I am drug free, although actually, there are some nice things that happen when I quit caffeine for a long time – my brain actually recovers and has some potentials that I’ve forgotten I had. we are not entirely without potential when we are drug free.

but, on principle, if it requires drugs in order for us to do it, then we shouldn’t be doing it, and we should change society to enable us to live without doing that thing. If we have to use caffeine so that we can work sixteen hour shifts every day, we need to restructure society so that it’s no longer necessary for people to work sixteen hour shifts.

And that’s not even talking about the cycle of being unable to save up any money at all. there are no interest payments on bank accounts anymore, so there is no incentive to save money in a bank. But that’s okay, because you don’t have any money left at all after your bare necessities, since you ALREADY had to choose to live without some things that were absolutely essential, just so you could pay some other bill. You already robbed Peter to pay Paul. You already decided to neglect to pay the electric bill this month, so that you would be able to buy insulin for your diabetic husband. Oops! No electricity! But who cares, you’re just a lazy worthless poor person who’s too much of a lazy slob to bother to pay the electric bill on time every month! That’s YOUR fault! But if only you could afford a home, you wouldn’t be paying rent anymore – but you can’t make the down payment on a home because that requires the ridiculously impossible task of saving up $50,000 or so in cash, which of course is perfectly easy to do for everybody.

Believe it or not, I am actually not in as bad of a mood as I seem to be in. I’m hungry because I avoided eating or drinking anything during all these hours during which I still sort of felt like I was going to retch. so that is one reason why I seem to be in a bad mood. also I feel somewhat relieved because I called Mom on the phone, and somewhat relieved because I talked to Mike.


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    Whoa! ‘Sensitive – the Movie!’

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