I found a trailer park that still exists

I went on a long bike ride today. I am going to be … nearly dead, for the next three days or so. I am SOOOO exhausted. I rode miles and miles, without my electric motor, just the normal bike wheels.

I went down the road nearby, which I guess is called bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb yeah, that shift key is fucking dead.

Bernel Road, if I use the caps lock instead of the right shift key. a few weeks ago I went there and found the little park which is airplane themed. It’s actually a really neat little park. I had no idea it existed.

I went past that park today, and got on route 550. I wasn’t planning this, I just stumbled across it. I went to the continental courts trailer park, which was called ‘manufactured homes,’ not ‘trailer park.’ but it is a trailer park.

It was heaven on earth for me. I’m not ashamed to own a trailer. a trailer is the most wonderful home I can imagine at this time in my life. I do not need a giant sized mansion, which will all have to be cleaned by the slaves. the smaller the house is, the less there is to vacuum.

It’s also cheaper. I asked them about trailers for sale, and she gave me papers for two of them. One was $50,000 something and one was $65,000. You don’t buy the land, just the trailer. However, you can do a little bit of gardening in the yard.

It’s a sad world when I say that 44 444 444 DOLLAR SIGN 50,000 is ‘cheap.’ back in the day, I remember that a full sized house was 50,000 dollars. I cannot type the dollar sign anymore.

444444$$$$$$$$$$$$ I’m not sure why the shift key works intermittently.

The reason why a trailer park is heaven on earth is because it is a close community. All the trailers are close together. You have neighbors, and it is possible to interact with them daily. It is possible to know who they are and have conversations with them. If you celebrate Halloween, it is possible to let all the children walk around the 400 trailers collecting candy, and yet it’s all within the same neighborhood. it’s also separated from any other neighborhoods, and it’s far outside of town.

The danger: All trailer parks eventually get sold for millions of dollars to business development people. all of them. the only ones that wouldn’t would have to be a land trust. I’ve been reading about land trusts. I would want the trailer park property to be converted to a land trust to make sure it was never sold for billions of dollars to make a shopping mall. every trailer park in this entire town gets destroyed and sold for billions of dollars, but this particular park is slightly outside of town, just far enough that it will take a few more years before the cancerous spread of State College development reaches it. There is still some farmland around.

One piece of farmland has sold out. There is a sign right nearby saying that one particular farm is going to be transformed into a sports complex of some sort, on fox Hill Road. That means the cancer is spreading, going towards Buffalo Run Road or whatever the road is that the continental courts trailer park is on. There is absolutely no need for a sports/fitness complex to be there, and so I hope it burns to the ground on the very first day and I hope the spirits of the Native American burial ground underneath it come back to life and terrorize everybody who tries to operate a fitness sporting complex on that piece of property.

I would love it if I could buy a trailer at Continental Courts, but this is a dream. I can’t collect any money at all. I will have to ask my family for money. I don’t know what the down payment would be. I don’t know what the monthly payments would be, including the lot rent.

trailer parks are where all the real humans live. You actually can talk to your neighbors. You actually have a community. You can actually get to know people and make friends. It’s not like these other houses which are separated by a huge distance and nobody can ever just walk down the street and talk to people. the houses in town – they have no connection to each other, they’re full of college kids who are temporary, and they have cars that drive down the road all the time. this trailer park is just a loop, so cars don’t go driving around in there unless they actually live there. No cars means safety and peace. It means you don’t worry that your kids or pets are going to get run over when they are out in the street. It means strangers aren’t all driving around looking for somebody to rape.

I want to live there. I don’t know if I will, but if not there, then someplace like there, and if not now, then soon. I’m not joking, living in a trailer park would be heaven on earth to me. I am truly, sincerely appreciative of a trailer park. I am able to understand all of the reasons why it is the most wonderful thing ever invented. I cannot comprehend why anybody would want to live anyplace but in a trailer park.


3 Responses to “I found a trailer park that still exists”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I lived in a “trailer” growing up and it was horrible. Most of the pain was probably self info because of trying to conform to society. I would say the best way to go would be a camper. Stay mobile. Modern nomads

  2. Nicole Says:

    conformity probably is a big problem at a place like that – the yards are small and everyone can always see everything you’re doing, so everyone has to worry about ‘what do the neighbors think?’ and everyone knows everything whether you want them to or not. this was a nice trailer park, not a junky place, but that would still be true, all the peer pressure. I don’t think I can afford to go there anyway, because it looks like it’s going to have a pretty big down payment just to get started. And I was thinking if I did go there, I’d still want to get a movable RV too. They unfortunately also are really expensive, but it would be extremely helpful to have one. And being a modern nomad would be wonderful, if I had a place to come home to.

  3. Anonymous Says:


    bicycle campers

    make your parents house home and travel the world. Travel, Sex, and Compassion can cure a great many things.

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