I’m trying to fix this shift key

5:32 PM 6/2/2016

I did go for a walk, but not an extremely long one. I’ve been taking walks that are so long, I regret going so far, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I walk until I’m exhausted, and that’s when I decide to turn back. But I’m already exhausted by then, so I have to go that entire distance back after already being exhausted. I currently have no way to carry bottled water, so I’m going without water. Going without water wouldn’t be so bad, except that I use tons of caffeine and vivarin pills, so I am constantly dehydrated as it is. It just doesn’t matter that I’m dehydrated if I’m close to someplace where I can get water. But (OOOH!!! I have to fix this shift key!) I’m walking out along the road for a few miles, it seems – I don’t know how far.

I might just ignore the shift key. I’ll have to get used to all the letters on the left hand not being capitalized.

I’m home again now but the unbearable agony in my legs has already started back up again. It might be worsened by something in the fabric of my pants, whether it’s a drug residue or Tide laundry detergent.

I hope I fixed the shift key just now. I took it all apart. I had taken it apart a few weeks or months ago because it felt like it had an object or crumb under it. I might not have put it back together properly, or maybe I moved it because it felt like another crumb was under it, or something. I only know that I got the little
interlocking plastic rings out of place. They are so tiny I can’t even see them, and I have to manipulate them with my big clunky fingers while shining a flashlight on them. The only way I can know if they are in the right position is by trying to put the key back on and finding out if it clicks. It kept failing and failing, so I had to take off the enter key, too, to see what position the plastic rings are supposed to be in. I think I might have fixed it.

I don’t even remember what I was saying now.

I like the idea that I planted hopniss, which will gradually grow in the park. It may take decades, but eventually, that plant will start appearing everywhere around there. It’s a vine-like plant that spreads by runners or whatever, and not by seeds. I don’t know if I’m saying the right thing when I say ‘runners,’ but basically it just re-roots itself everywhere. I’m reading about it right now and maybe it isn’t a runner. I don’t know how it spreads. But anyway – uh-oh, I didn’t entirely fix the shift key. But anyway…. I like the idea that it will, hopefully, eventually spread around the park.

I don’t even remember what I was saying before I shut off the computer and tried to fix the shift key.

I only know that I haven’t done anything at all today to get ready to leave, and this is very frustrating. tttThe rain isn’t helping.

Yeah, the shift key keeps getting slightly out of place again. something needs fixed.

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