I hope I don’t get pertussis again by handling the tent

I don’t have enough money to buy new camping equipment. However, germ decon is different from residue decon. With germ decon, it doesn’t matter to you if the germs are still *there*, as long as they’re dead. With poison residue decon, it’s extremely hard to denature the poison so that it stops poisoning you, so you just have to get rid of the substance, which sometimes means getting rid of contaminated objects that it won’t wash out of. With germ decon, you could just spray some germ-killing substance all over everything, without even cleaning it or actually getting rid of the germs. The germs will be deactivated (as long as your germ killing substance works) and their dead bodies can still be there without harming you.

So, if i get pertussis from handling the tent and going in there again, that will do exactly the same thing it did last time: draw unwanted attention to me while I’m camping. That is something I need to avoid. I will have to take the germ-killing method due to lack of money. That means spraying everything with germ-killing chemicals when normally I don’t do that.

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