Something’s wrong with me today. Also, I hate the Goodwill store.

I feel sick somehow. I’m not sure what it is. I can’t even think. I’m either having a reaction to something, going into withdrawal from something, or having some other unspecified illness of unknown cause. My intestines also feel weird but I’m not throwing up.

I don’t quite know what’s going on but it’s frustrating because I feel that I won’t be able to get anything useful done. The buses aren’t running anyway because it’s Memorial Day, I assume. So it would be hard to even go into town.

I’m actually wondering if there is something in the air that I’m reacting to. I’ve got the windows open though. I feel sort of weak and even almost weepy, like I need to cry. I don’t know if it’s because I ate an unusual food? There are a couple different things it could be.

Anyway, this is me apologizing for giving up on any attempt to have a coherent thought today or to muster up the will to get anything done. I feel wayyyy too weird for anything like that. Taking a nap seems like the best thing to do.

I feel shaky and twitchy, like I do sometimes when I have convulsions. Those are often connected to tobacco withdrawal if I have gotten rid of tobacco-covered clothing, and I just recently switched to using Tide detergent, which seems to remove more drug residues than the gentle detergent I had before. I might have either removed some tobacco residues, or else I chemically reacted them and made them into some other substance. I’ve been wearing some shirts that came out of a bag where some of the clothes were contaminated and others were relatively clean, and I wasn’t wearing the contaminated stuff for a long time, but that made my laundry supply get smaller and smaller and smaller. So I got back into that bag again and am now wearing some clothes with unknown contaminants on them, and have been wearing that for the last couple days, simply from running out of clothes and not having an organized setup which would show me which clothes were clean and which were contaminated.

It’s possible to reduce, but not remove, contamination by washing, but ideally, you have to just get rid of contaminated clothes. My health always improves greatly if I periodically get rid of my clothes and get new ones. I have ongoing contamination from various sources. It is nowhere near as life-ruining as it was years ago, but nevertheless, it is still going on. There are several different types of
contamination, coming from several sources and locations, and they are on my clothes and I’ve lost track of which clothes have which contamination.

So my strange sickness, which seems like either a reaction or withdrawal, might indeed be from contamination on my clothing. I just can’t keep buying stuff and getting rid of stuff right now – this is exactly the wrong moment to be doing that. I have no money left. The clothes at Goodwill are so expensive and so – DON’T GET ME STARTED ON GOODWILL. They changed the way it’s organized. It’s no longer possible to find good deals at Goodwill. You can buy clothes brand new for the same price at other stores. For example I can get t-shirts from Rite Aid at the same price as the ones at Goodwill which are used, harder to find, and tend to have weird slogans on them. The Rite Aid shirts, which are new, are made by Chinese slaves, along with all the other super-cheap items at Rite Aid, but nevertheless, it’s saying something when Chinese Slave clothing is cheaper than USED clothing from Goodwill! Goodwill is dead to me. I have hated them for the past few years ever since they reorganized. I want to change every single thing about them. Everything they are doing is wrong. Because of this, I can no longer decontaminate as easily as I used to, back when it was possible to just go to Goodwill and find $0.25 items of clothing. For all practical purposes, the $0.25 clothing no longer exists in any form at all…

I said, don’t get me started. The $0.25 clothing no longer exists in any form. You have to search through randomly organized colors, which are only organized by size. If you happen to find a color you want, you then have to look at the little plastic thingy, the little thing with tabs on it that somehow is magically punched through a hole in the fabric. You have to see what color it is, and the colors constantly change either daily or weekly, so you can’t just memorize ‘Always look for orange tags’ or something. Then you have to go read a sign and find out that the orange tab means that this particular item is a 5.75839% price reduction. You can’t memorize that either, not even during the few minutes while you are walking around the store, because you also have to memorize that a pink tag means it’s 2.84975% reduced, and a yellow tag means that it’s 45.239487% reduced, and so on, and it’s ever-changing as I said. You have to keep walking back to the sign, which is at the front of the store, to decode the tags you’ve found to find out how much of a percent off they are.

They do have something like the $0.25 clothing, but this opportunity only exists during a 30-second time window on the second Monday of every month, or something like that. If you happen to arrive at the store during this 30-second time window on the right day, it’s possible to find a few items, with puce-colored tags, or maybe mauve-colored tags, which are, like, $0.75 or something, due to inflation (that is, inflation of the level of insanity of Goodwill). After the 30 seconds is up, you can no longer get $0.75 clothing.

The insanity and complexity and inconvenience of the pricing system is designed for morons who believe that they are ‘getting a deal’ whenever something is ‘on sale.’ As long as it has some incalculable, unimaginable number which is a ‘percent off,’ they have to excitedly grab it because it’s a deal. It doesn’t matter if you can’t mentally calculate exactly how much it’s going to cost when it’s 38.5689% off. You just need to know, ‘I’M GETTING A DEAL!!!’

No. Don’t get me started.

I only know, we need a new Goodwill. Goodwill must die.¬† (I’m not sure why but it cut off the word ‘die’ at the end even though I wrote that. I had to open BloatPress and struggle to force the web page to function so that I could edit this post to add the word ‘die’ at the end.)


2 Responses to “Something’s wrong with me today. Also, I hate the Goodwill store.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Why don’t you get a job at Goodwill

  2. Nicole Says:

    Oddly enough, I’ve applied for a job there at least twice, maybe even three times (I forget) in the past and never got any kind of response from them. I have a friend who also applied there and they never even spoke to him either. It’s almost like you have to be a member of some secret society to be allowed to see anything behind the scenes at Goodwill or something. I gave up on even trying to work there! I guess even if I worked there, what would happen is, I would feel frustrated about the way that they do things, but I also don’t feel comfortable trying to go into management to take control of an existing business so that I can force it to do things the way I wish it would do them. I feel more comfortable about the idea of starting my own business so that I don’t have to battle with existing managers who disagree with me about how things should be done.

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