Wegmans – a beautiful external veneer over a corrupted inside

I’m shopping at Wegmans all the time, because that’s closest to where I live right now. This is fine with me – I have always loved Wegmans. However, I’m finding out that Wegmans isn’t as perfect as it seems to be on the surface. The Food Babe Army needs to launch an assault on Wegmans.

Everything is absolutely beautiful, and there is a huge variety of stuff, including organic stuff. I decided this store is LSI. It’s privately owned, not a public company, which is another reason why they’re great.

However, they do not follow my principles. I still find that even with organic products, you can get unwanted ingredients added in. (This is true at all stores.) The one odd thing that caught my attention a few weeks ago was just annoying enough that it started to sour my attitude towards Wegmans just a tiny bit. I had this perfectionistic ideal in my mind that represented them, but that perfectionistic ideal is crumbling a tiny, tiny bit.

The odd thing that happened was, I was buying organic corn chips. These are one of my long term staples. I actually would prefer not to buy corn chips, but there are a lot of reasons why I do, and I won’t get into it now. But I do buy organic ones whenever possible, although I sometimes buy junk food chips too and I don’t drop dead instantly. I just avoid the junk food chips as a general rule.

Well, I’ve been accustomed to buying these organic corn chips from Weis Market for a long time, and I had no problem with them. They contained only a few simple ingredients, such as organic corn, organic sunflower oil, and sea salt.

But I swear to you, I walked all over the entire Wegmans store a few weeks ago, when I noticed something odd, and not a single package of organic chips in the entire store was like that. Instead, ALL of them told me that they don’t know for sure which kind of oil is in the chips, which is *very* suspicious. They all said ‘organic sunflower and/or safflower and/or canola oil,’ something like that (that might not be exactly what it was, but it’s like that), telling me they actually have no idea what this is made of, and it might contain canola oil, which I want to avoid on principle even if it’s organic.

Why would they *not know* for sure which oil is in their organic chips? Food Babe, where are you now? Something suspicious is going on. If they don’t even know which chips were made with which oils, do they even really know if it’s organic? And even if it is organic, what if I deliberately want to avoid canola, because, in fact, I do? In order to avoid canola, I would have to simply not buy any chips at all from Wegmans.

This seems like a trick being done to people who are too stupid to read the labels. Ha ha, it says ‘organic’ on the front – these idiots will never bother to actually turn it over to the back and read the list of ingredients.

Also, alas, at age 41, after many long nights of watching movies on my computer screen in the darkness, my eyes are a bit blurry. I need a magnifying glass to look at some of these ingredient lists. The other day, one list was so tiny I absolutely could not read it no matter how hard I tried. I won’t wear glasses, because I’ve temporarily tried wearing reading glasses before, and all glasses cause injury to the eyes. You should only use them briefly for a moment to look at something specific, then take them off – which means, use a magnifying glass instead of glasses. I bought these over-the-counter,
non-prescription reading glasses from Wal-Mart, and they caused my eyes to feel strained in a bad direction after I had them on for only a little while, causing my vision to actually become worse afterwards.

Good grief, I’m about to turn 42 in a couple months. This year flew by – like a hemorrhage – I have said my time is hemorrhaging now.

So anyway, they think I’m too dumb, too apathetic, too ignorant, and too blind to read the actual list of ingredients, so they can sneak things in there.

I actually started noticing a couple other sneaky things in the ingredients after that incident. The other day, I got the pico salsa from Wegmans. Pico salsa is one of my favorite things to buy at Weis Market. I figured I could just get exactly the same thing at Wegmans. Nope! The only thing they sell that is even remotely like pico salsa is filled with dozens of unpronounceable chemicals and preservatives, whereas, the one from Weis Market, and also from Giant, contains only a couple simple, basic ingredients, following the ‘it grows in your backyard’ principle – just tomatoes, lemon juice, etc.

Maybe it means less waste. A dozen preservatives means they don’t throw as much spoiled salsa in the garbage. That much is probably, regrettably, true. I actually like their efforts to reduce waste. They have a utensil dispenser where you can pull out only one fork at a time for your meal, unlike, for instance, McDonald’s, which gives you by default a package with a fork and a butterknife that nobody ever uses. I have only used the butterknife on extremely rare occasions when eating pancakes, just to be nice, but usually I am too lazy and I cut the pancakes with my fork (on those rare occasions when I even eat that at all).

Some balance needs to be made between ‘using preservatives so that food doesn’t spoil and so we waste less food,’ versus ‘I don’t want any chemicals in my food at all no matter what the reason.’ Because I am all in favor of wasting less food! I hate food waste. I hate it even more if it doesn’t get composted. The least you can do is compost the food waste. But I also don’t want any chemicals, at all, period, and I don’t care if the so-called ‘scientists’ have informed me that they are ‘safe.’ I am aware that they are ‘safe’ in the sense that I do not drop dead instantly there on the floor the minute I’ve swallowed a single bite of the food. I don’t want to have to argue about it with a bunch of so-called ‘scientists.’

Science is a religion. It is just another religion, exactly like every other religion on earth. It is NOTHING BUT a religion.

I read a little article which I think was ‘Christian Science’ recently. It was outside a little bookstore in town. I actually liked this version of science more than the normal version of science. The person wrote a little true story about how he cured himself of allergies using only prayer, inspired by Christian Science.
Basically, to make a long story short, he used to take allergy medications in the past, but then he stopped taking them, and he used prayer to give himself enough courage to believe that everything would be okay if he stopped taking the meds. In the story, he attributes his cure to the fact that he prayed. I attribute it to the fact that allergies have many causes and he could have removed the cause at any time during those years – I had allergies too, back when I still ate foods that contained synthetic vitamin and mineral supplements. Synthetic supplements cause allergies as a side effect.

But I’m okay with the results he achieved. I actually *prefer* the idea that somebody tried to heal themselves using prayer (also known as using nothing at all), because the method of ‘do nothing at all’ is almost always safer than going to the doctor and getting a bunch of toxic pills and procedures done. I just read one of those awful stories that I shouldn’t read, where some lady gave birth by Cesarean section, and ended up having both her legs amputated, and also her uterus removed, without her consent.

All because of some complication during the birth – she had placenta previa (which is caused by the scarring from the previous Cesarean sections she had had!) and ended up getting a blood transfusion, and one thing led to another, and next thing you know, poof! Amputated legs and a hysterectomy. All in a day’s work!

It crossed my mind that maybe she was attacked by sociopaths, deliberately, performing in the service of the depopulation agenda, because she had already had seven previous children, all of them born in the mainstream hospital using mainstream methods. Somebody finally decided that eight children is enough and she needs to be punished for all those children, so we’ll rip out the uterus and also grab both her legs while we’re at it.

I’m actually in favor of people having a large number of children, although I strongly wish that some of the rarer, hard-to-find socionic personality types would give birth more frequently, and the more common types who already control the entire society by sheer majority would give birth slightly less often. But that’s just a preference and I’m not going to enforce it, especially not by that method.

But anyway. The idea was, it’s safer to just do nothing at all (prayer) to treat your illnesses a lot of the time, so in an indirect way, I approved of the Christian Science anecdote about the guy curing his allergies with prayer. I would actually wish that more people would do that kind of thing. Anything at all that results in fewer people going to the doctor and getting pills and surgeries is a good thing, regardless of how it’s done.

I forget what I was saying. I was complaining about the ingredients of my Wegmans food. Oh – okay, I said science was religion.

I talked with Mike. I am starting to believe that I will have to switch my focus over to just going camping very soon, because I am failing at all my efforts to get a job. I won’t be able to
simultaneously get a job and an apartment at the exact same time in the short amount of time I have left at this house. Failure is looking inevitable. I need to switch over to Inevitable Failure Coping Mode. Failure Acceptance Mode. Right now, I’m still in Failure Denial Mode, which isn’t working very well for me.

Failure isn’t funny, though. Actually, I’m sick of failure. I get thrown out right at the moment when I’m making progress. I lose my job right at the moment when I’m making progress. I bought a sewing machine and just barely started to use it; I bought an electric bike motor and just barely started learning how to maintain my bike; I bought a couple of tools I would need to work with these things; then all of a sudden I instantly lost my job due to pesticide spraying, and then was hopelessly incapacitated for almost half a year, until it got a little warmer.

After it got warm, I stopped having to wear my coat, and I suspect my coat is contaminated, which might be why I had constant, recurring recontamination all those months, causing me to spend all my time exhausted in bed. (The voices have been mentioning to me that somebody somewhere, who has ‘Relapsing MS,’ needs to be informed about the phenomenon of transdermally absorbed chemical contamination and residues that don’t wash out).

As soon as it got warm, and I stopped wearing my coat, and started to get more energy, all of a sudden Mike told me I had to move out. He wasn’t mean about it, but rather, he said his nephew might be staying here. I did mention that this story was suspicious and also seems like an odd coincidence after Mary Jo having thrown me out while claiming that some distant relative was coming to live in my room. But regardless, I’m agreeing to leave. But, this also happened right at the exact moment when I started getting better and it looked like maybe there was a chance of making progress again.

I start to learn how to use tools and do hobbies and crafts – boom, total destruction of my entire existence. I start recovering, and start thinking maybe I’ll make a major effort to go become a bookkeeper, then boom – instant nuclear bomb on my entire life again. All that I can ever do is battle external forces attacking me constantly at the exact moment when I am starting to grow. So, in that way, ‘Failure Isn’t Funny.’ It’s possible to sometimes laugh at failure. Sometimes. I still have a chronic smirk due to St. John’s Wort, although the SJW is slightly getting cleaned off now. I’m suffering from bovine growth hormone in the milk that’s in my milk chocolate – from Wegmans. That’s been giving me MAJOR hormone problems for the last couple days, on top of the effects of the SJW. The two together are causing massive changes.

I’ll let you know when Failure Is Funny again. Something my brother said crossed my mind. He commented someplace, maybe on Twitter? that Twitter is a place where you can be simultaneously laughing like crazy at how funny someone is, while also thinking anxiously, ‘Should someone go check on that person and see if they’re okay?’ I had the same thought when I was reading about Ken M., an infamous internet troll, who I’ve typed as EII, my socionic activator. In some comment somewhere I believe it was Ken M (if I recall correctly) who wrote something along the lines of, ‘Ah, springtime! The time when dark, miserable suicidal thoughts give way to sunny and cheerful suicidal thoughts.’ Something like that. It was like, ‘Ha ha ha…. uh, should somebody look into this???’

So yeah, my smirk-inducing drugs mean that Everything’s A Big Joke right now, but in reality, I know it’s not a joke.

I need to switch over to preparing for failure – camping. I failed to get a job fast enough, and I failed to get another apartment fast enough.

All along, all this time, the voices always pretend that they’re helping me. But I can never know whether any of them, any at all, are actually benign and helpful. It SEEMS like some of the voices really are trying to help me, to fight against the ‘other voices’ which come from ‘somebody else’ who is evil and sociopathic and genocidal, but how am I to know? For all I know, they could all come from the same place.

But even so, all this time, every once in a while, I get to talk to voices in my head who say things that real humans, with souls, would say. Whenever this happens, I imagine that this particular person is sitting in a room someplace getting paid by sociopaths and their life is threatened if they try to leave, which is the only reason why they are still working for this company or agency, because Real Humans would never work there if they actually had souls. The only reason Real Humans With Souls would ever do a job where they got to push buttons that put voices into people’s heads, and the only
self-expression they had was in having the freedom to choose the exact grammatical wording of whatever messages they chose to send, so as to somehow signal that they are really human, is because someone told them ‘We’ll kill your whole family if you leave’ or something to that effect. No real human would choose such a job as a long term thing after finding out what was involved and really understanding it.

There are always other ways to talk to a person.

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