I think that was ibuprofen talking

I’m less genocidal today. I took two ibuprofens yesterday morning, and they make me sick at my stomach all day long. There is such a thing as being ‘sick of’ something, and it is a real emotion, but that emotion is triggered more easily if your stomach is already sick. I genuinely am sick of the genocide that is destroying everything, it’s just that I’m not preoccupied with it as much. It set me off when I figured out that all the cheap apartments I was seeing were out in the middle of nowhere. And the worst part is, I’d be perfectly happy to live in the middle of nowhere, too, I just can’t get back and forth to a job so I can pay for the land.

I put up an ad asking for a room, and a whole bunch of people answered quickly, which doesn’t always happen. I think it’s the timing. But some of those people totally ignored the price range that I gave. I said less than $450 (ideally, I’d like even lower than that), and some dude answered me and was like ‘I HAVE THIS SUPER-AWESOME APARTMENT WITH ALL THE LUXURIES FOR $1,500 A MONTH’ (I’m exaggerating a bit). A super awesome apartment with all the luxuries is exactly the opposite of what I want.

Actually, the only luxury that I really do want, which apartments don’t always have, is a bathtub. Some places have only a shower, or they have a nonfunctioning bathtub, with a drain that doesn’t stay closed, or something. And I guess I do need laundry stuff in the building too.

I also emailed a friend on facebook who had once told me they might have a room, and he said yes, he’d see what he could do. This is someone who I get along well with, an SEI / ISFP, although living in the same house might be harder to do than just working together or talking once in a while. I don’t know yet.

So I mentioned to Eric that his dad said there was a nephew coming up here to go to Penn State, and Eric said that actually, he had had a cousin / nephew (I forget) who came up a few years ago, but not this year. So, it was a lie to get me out of the house, just like it was when Mary Jo said exactly the same thing. I’m going to have to ask my next roommates if they have any esoteric nieces, nephews, or long-lost relatives who are going to eventually need my room when they come to Penn State.

I need my own house, and a vehicle that can go long distances at high speeds. I also need an underground tunnel that will let me travel from my igloo in Nunavut, to my thatched hut in the Bahamas, to my free land parcel in Russia where I have my Woolly Mammoth Reservation, and to any other houses I have scattered around the world. My underground train can run on some kind of alternative energy or it could even be gravity powered, I don’t care, as long as it can transport me around in a few hours without crashing into any obstacles.

The Siberian ginseng – I took a break from it for two days, but I took one again this morning, which is why I once again have a slightly manic sense of humor.


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