the cheap apartments require a car

Well, I was thinking of trying to move to Altoona because I saw a lot of cheap apartment listings around there. Unfortunately, after looking more closely, I noticed that all of those cheap apartments were located in towns that weren’t directly in Altoona, but rather were all 50 miles away from Altoona (I don’t actually know how far they are, but it’s quite long), so that you have to commute 100 miles to and from work every day. I can’t do that on a slow moving electric bike, which is only good for short distances around the town locally.

This made me so angry I had to shut all the pages and stop looking. It started to scream ‘GENOCIDE!’ and I just couldn’t stand it anymore.

The genocide goes like this: Destroy subsistence farming and foraging. Make it so people have to pay money to live on the land. Nobody can earn enough money by subsistence hunting, farming, foraging, and herding, so they all have to get jobs. The jobs are all a hundred miles away, so you are forced to drive a vehicle, powered by gasoline. All other alternative vehicle systems have been
deliberately, maliciously, and systematically destroyed (I read an article not long ago about how the oil companies deliberately bought out all the electric streetcar companies, then shut them down – we’re told that electric streetcars just weren’t needed anymore after gas powered automobiles became popular but that is a lie – they were systematically destroyed). The train systems have also been systematically destroyed. Flying by air is not an option because air flight is extremely overregulated by the government. It’s basically illegal to own and operate any kind of flying machine, and the only ones you can get are hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars, rather than something small that a single person can fly in back and forth to work every day.

So they make it impossible to live on the land, destroy all the food plants, destroy all the herds of animals, isolate you in a tiny little place in the middle of nowhere with no jobs around except for maybe one gas station, which is where all the people in the entire town would have to work – destroy all other forms of employment, such as local iron mining or coal mining (note! I am not saying that iron mining and coal mining are good things, but rather, at least they were a source of employment until globalism started buying those things from countries that allow blatant slavery and have special deals that make their products cheaper than ours). Kill every source of money in the local region, while at the same time, you still demand that homeowners must pay rent and mortgages to live on that land. You don’t even allow subsistence and free land in the middle of nowhere.

So you drive back and forth 100 miles a day to work, paying for gas and buying badly made cars which are getting worse and worse every year in the idiocy of their design, and which incorporate more and more electronics and badly designed malfunctioning software, every year, with no alternatives available anywhere on the market.

GENOCIDE. I am sick of all the genocide. I am sick of the genocide of the entire human race, the entire economy, self-reliance, living on the land for free and not paying rent, taxes, or mortgages, and not traveling hundreds of miles to go to where the jobs are so that you can merely afford to live on the piece of land that you live on in the middle of nowhere that has no jobs, not having to own a badly designed horrible malfunctioning car made by retarded imbeciles on crack (which describes ALL CARS nowadays), I am sick of the genocide of native plants, edible plants, herds of free roaming wild animals who are able to roam without fences and without getting hit by cars and without going onto pesticide-poisoned farms – genocide of everything everywhere, genocide of sanity, genocide of the economy. It is absolutely insane. No one should have to pay a million dollars to live on a tiny piece of land in the middle of nowhere where you cannot subsist locally, can’t find a job locally, must drive 100 miles to go to your real job – no.

So I started off looking for apartments in Altoona, saw the cheap ones, got excited and hopeful, and then realized they’re out in the tiny isolated towns 100 miles away. I have no car. I’d have to get a car first.

I also hate all cars. All of them are horribly designed and constantly getting worse and worse in their designs every year. They are absolute shit. The electronics fail, the computer systems fail, you have to use insanely designed touchscreen interfaces to do things that are perfectly easy to do using an ordinary knob (like change the radio station), all of them are automatic instead of standard shifts, the doors lock and unlock electrically, the windows are electric, you can’t even find a hand-cranked window or a manually pressed lock if you want one, even if you offered to pay a couple thousand dollars more for the privilege of avoiding those foul, loathsome electric locks and electric windows. I really would pay thousands more for the privilege of owning non-electrical gadgets in my car, things that had to be manually operated, mechanical devices that have absolutely no electrical or computerized components at all.

The government wants you to use software-controlled computers which are full of holes, slow to respond, and totally hackable. The government wants to hack into your car all of the time. They want to constantly know exactly where you are located, and have the power to make your brakes fail while you are driving 80 miles an hour. You cannot buy a car that does not have internet-connected,
satellite-connected, cell-phone-connected, always-on, constantly uploading and downloading, constantly updating software that is always slow and full of mistakes and never functions properly and is filled with hackers, not only the government hackers but also all the amateur hackers and any other individuals and groups who want to spy on your car and control it and kill you. And there are no alternatives to cars like this. It is NOT POSSIBLE to buy a car that does not have this garbage in it, a car that is not infected with this evil insanity, this genocide.

I have to leave this house. I have to move out. I want to move someplace where the rent is cheap, or better yet, buy a cheap house. I don’t want to keep getting thrown out of houses and keep moving from place to place. I need to have control over my house. I need to control what kind of refrigerator I have, and how the tables are set up in the kitchen, so that I can constantly process large amounts of food quickly and easily, so that I will always have a healthy diet and it will happen automatically and I don’t have to worry about food anymore. I need a bathtub that I can sit in, knowing it’s clean, knowing nobody else is contaminating it with pesticide. I need carpets that I can rip off the floor when they get poisonous residues all over them.

I have had enough genocide. I want a free parcel of land. I will live on this land as a subsistence hunter, forager, fisher, farmer, herder. I’ll get a tiny amount of electricity for a couple little devices out of my magnet powered free energy fan, which is perfectly legal and doesn’t violate a single law of physics and doesn’t even require any solar power.

I’m done with genocide. The genocide needs to stop NOW.

3 Responses to “the cheap apartments require a car”

  1. Anonymous Says:

  2. Anonymous Says:

    “I want a free parcel of land.”

    I want the free energy space ship I was promised by the Sci Fi channel, but they changed their name to SY FY and declared moral bankruptcy.

    Altoona has been a ghetto since the railroads were murdered. Just watch the morning commute traffic coming into the Hoppy Volley everyday to see people who moved away for lower rent or couldn’t afford a mortgage here. Then read the news about heroin and pedophilia being a tragedy in our town…

    Perhaps if you learned to channel your negative emotions into a constructive pattern by celebrating every win and letting go of your losses your day to day needs would be closer to achievement.

  3. Nicole Says:

    Well, it looks like China might have free energy motors everywhere already. I can’t afford to buy these and see what they are right now, but I might in the future. There are also lots of people designing them. I’m sorry about your spaceship.

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