Wasaby Sajado’s magnet powered free energy motor isn’t even all that taboo. To make it practical, you still have to overcome all of the same obstacles you have to overcome to make *any* energy source practical. And yet, I love it anyway.

1:48 PM 5/14/2016

On Wednesday, I’m going to The Makespace in town to pick up a free computer fan. I’m going to make Wasaby Sajado’s magnet fan.

The fan isn’t even all that taboo. We already have alternative energy sources that enable us to live off the grid. We could already do just fine using the ones we have. For instance, if somebody really cared enough, they could make all-electric cars that were cheap enough for anybody to buy. We don’t even need the free energy magnet fan to do this.

Producing large amounts of something, making it in factories, borrowing money to build the factories, making thousands of them, making huge profits (or running your business as a charity) – those are the obstacles to overcome with any technology or invention. This invention is just the same as that. It’s hard for us to use the inventions and methods we already have. It’s already hard to compete against the existing monopolies. Those existing monopolies would probably start murdering people if they were excessively successful at making ordinary mundane electric cars that were using ordinary batteries, even if there was nothing mystical and woo-woo inside the engine, like a scary illegal impossible perpetual motion machine made of magnets.

This is a disclosure event that I’m experiencing. I didn’t choose to look at it. It was just like socionics. Somebody suggested for me to look at something that I wouldn’t otherwise have looked at. I was already ignoring all of the discussions of free energy, all of the inventions, all of the attempts, because they seemed too complicated and too expensive.

Then, I was shown this simple magnet repulsion powered fan by Wasaby Sajado, and probably also invented, and forgotten, and suppressed, by thousands of others, who might have even failed to appreciate its significance, failed to troubleshoot it, failed to replicate it, failed to persist long enough to make it work, failed to believe in it, failed to apply it, failed to sell it to large masses of the public so it could be well known and profitable and never forgotten – there are so many ways this simple little thing can be forgotten and suppressed, so easily.

I’m encountering a lot of fallacious beliefs about these devices as I talk to people. They believe it’s violating some law of physics. But magnets themselves are a mysterious little thing. They sit there, doing nothing, but radiating these little flowing rivers of invisible forces. It is like holding a little spinning river in your hand. We see them as little interesting novelties, or things with simple mundane purposes, like snapping the purse flap shut.

So, after I succeed in making one of these magnet fans work, I won’t even bother to get murdered by the mafia. I’m not making huge profits, I’m not building a factory, I’m not making cars that run on these things. There are still obstacles to overcome, such as how large the fan has to be, how powerful the magnetic fields have to be, how much electricity or power they are capable of generating, how scalable they are. You could make a fan as big as a house with magnets on it and generate a lot of power, but that’s not going to fit inside a car engine. You need to find out how much energy you can get and how to use it most efficiently, and all of those things are still obstacles remaining regardless of which source of energy you use, whether it’s a law-violating free energy magical woo-woo magnet generator, or a mundane battery.

This would lead to other people possibly replicating the same thing that I have replicated. In fact, someone else near me could get to it first. And I would have to simply surrender to being beaten. And then what? I could still make it for myself, and use it for myself, and then, assume everyone else on earth can use this too. There would be no ego, and no competition, and no getting there first, and no being better than others. It is an open source project. Everyone knows how to do it now.

And so, after you make it for yourself, and it works, you see that it’s not magical, and you get used to it. And then you are a little disappointed, because nothing happened, not even the men in black finally showing up at your door to tell you that aliens exist. Nothing happens, and life goes on as usual. Kind of like after Edward Snowden told us the NSA is watching everything we do. I survived the pain of finding out that electronic mind control is real, so finding out that it’s perfectly easy to make a free energy generator using nothing but a few magnets seems like no big deal to me. People on the internet are trying to show that it’s a hoax, as though this is something awful and unthinkable.

I’d have to just say I was glad when everybody else beat me to it and replicated the fan before I got a chance to. You have until this Wednesday, which is when I’m going and getting a fan. I didn’t even invent this anyway. I just was shown it, in such a way and at such a moment that it was easy for me to accept as real.

The simplicity is what I like about it. It is extremely cheap and extremely simple. It was easy for me to understand. There are some things that I look at and find very hard to understand, or too complicated, or too expensive. I did not even need any explanation when I looked at this fan. It was obvious what it was doing.

We don’t understand how to explain magnets. If there is no such thing as ‘free energy’ or ‘perpetual motion,’ then what exactly is a magnet doing? It’s radiating these little invisible rivers of force that go in circles, all day long, from nowhere. And the moon orbits the earth.

I can’t explain why I understood it. Maybe it was because I’m on ginseng (note, I didn’t take a pill today – my behavior was getting excessively manic). I understand that all that’s happening is that one force is larger than the other force. The controller magnet, held in your hand, has a stable backing holding it in place. The fan blade magnets don’t have a stable backing, so they have less force to fight back, so they get pushed backwards. There’s nothing odd about this.

However, while fooling with the magnets, I found that they try to grab the controller magnet as they pass by, so it would be helpful to have magnetic shielding between the controller magnet and the fan blades. You must put everything into the right position and the right direction, in order to make sure that incoming magnets don’t move into the part of the magnetic field that wants to suck them in. If the fan blade magnets passing by grab onto the controller magnet, it stops right there.

But it hasn’t stopped because some woo-woo violation of the universe has occurred. It hasn’t stopped because you’re not allowed to build perpetual motion machines. Instead, it stops for an obvious reason, which is, it got stuck against the magnet that you’re trying to use to push the other magnets along. If you can only block those incoming fan blades from sticking to the pusher magnet, then it’s fine. In the original video (which might or might not be a fraud), he just has things at a certain angle, which might be sufficient to move the fields out of each other’s way. Since I don’t have a fan yet I can’t tell – my cardboard mockup was too flimsy and unstable. Even if the video was a fraud, it demonstrated the proof of concept, that it works. You only need to troubleshoot it. It looks like it works, and it really does, even if he really is using a little battery thingie like the one person claimed he was using.

This is actually very similar to the common belief that organic agriculture is less productive than giant monocropping, when the opposite is true. The monocroppers have planted in everyone’s brains that idea that, yes, organic agriculture might be nice for the rich people who can afford expensive food, but it will never be as productive or as cheap as normal food, because organic agriculture has a lower yield. That’s simply not true. Organic agriculture has to pay for its certification, for one thing, and there are other reasons why it’s expensive. But whatever differences there are between organic and monocropping-with-poisons, it’s a lie and a
misunderstanding to claim that small scale organic agriculture will never be capable of feeding a growing population.

I won’t get into it now though – I don’t feel like it. I’m just saying that this belief is similar, the belief that it’s impossible to make a perpetual motion machine, it’s impossible to make free energy, some law of nature is being violated, some definition is being violated, you couldn’t possibly use it to create electricity, and so on. There are all these rationales for why it couldn’t possibly be done.

But it’s actually okay. We are all going to be doing it. Everybody is going to have a perpetual motion machine sitting on the shelf in their bedroom. Except, not, because that’s a novelty and in order to be really popular it has to do something really useful. It has to provide a valuable service. So, if you make a battery charger based on this device, that’s fine. But how many people desperately need a battery charger that, maybe, is less efficient, or produces a lower output, than all the hundreds of alternatives which are less weird, less woo-woo, less magical, and less of a violation of the laws of the universe? It really doesn’t even matter. No wonder it gets invented and forgotten, invented and forgotten. If somebody doesn’t make it into a big thing that competes against all the other big things, and then sells it at a huge profit, it won’t ever be known.

But it’s handy to have a free energy device when you’re living underground with no sunlight and no running streams nearby. Magnets are a source of energy in that case.

So, this is a mini-disclosure event, and it’s so trivial that the mafia will not even take the trouble of killing me because I disclosed it. I won’t even need to flee the country. I’ll make it work, but my life will still suck just as badly as it sucked before I made it work. I’ll still have all the usual obstacles to overcome.

I’m not saying I don’t appreciate it, though! I love the simplicity. I love that now, I can recharge my own bicycle motor batteries while living in a tent, without even having to find a location to put my big, obvious, visible solar panels that will draw everyone’s attention to where I’m camping. I can’t hide a big bunch of shiny, reflective solar panels sticking out above the treetops in the forest, which is what I always imagined I would have to do. I might possibly be able to hide a microturbine placed in a running stream, but running streams are not always conveniently nearby.

So now, I can camp in the woods, or in a car, with no sunlight, no solar panels, and no running streams, and I can slowly charge small batteries using my free energy magnet repulsion motor by Wasaby Sajado (and also by millions of others who have repeatedly invented the concept throughout history, but have been lost and forgotten and suppressed and hidden).

I’ll do it, but nothing much will change. I will have a handy novelty that will have to be set up in order to make it usable. I’ll share it with others who will be shown how to do it. I don’t want it to be hidden or forgotten or unappreciated.

‘You can’t get more energy out of something that you put into it.’ Well, yeah? And what are magnets *doing*, exactly? Can anybody even explain what it is that a magnet is doing all day long? Is it just flowing with little circles of energy moving around it, coming out of nothing and going back into nothing? What is it doing?


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