I think I found REAL wild strawberries?

I went out for a walk today, and I went past a wooded area. I saw strawberry plants with flowers on them. There were two kinds right in the same area, amongst each other – a kind that had yellow flowers, and a kind that had white flowers.

This seemed kind of weird to me. I’ve wanted wild strawberries for years now. I passionately, passionately hate the gigantic,
super-sour, mouth-puckering, acid-flavored grocery store strawberries. They are just so sour I find them almost intolerable to eat, and I’ve felt that way my whole life. I occasionally buy fruit tarts from Wegmans that have strawberries on them, and there’s such a huge number of strawberries that I’ll eat the whole tart and only a bunch of strawberries remain, which I have to choke down, in agony from the super intense sourness. I *hate* strawberries.

However, wild growing varieties of plants are usually better. I hate cultivated blueberries, but I love the small wild blueberries – somebody told me that the ‘wild blueberries’ sold in the grocery store are actually huckleberries, but I really don’t care – they’re in the same general family. All I know is I like the small ones a lot more.

So I’ve wondered for several years now if I would like wild
strawberries. I’ve already eaten millions of the mock strawberries, which have almost no taste at all. Usually those are all I can find. I’ve gotten pretty good at recognizing them.

That’s why it seemed really weird when I saw this strawberry-like plant mixed in with the other ones that I was pretty sure were mock strawberries.

I actually uprooted a few of them and brought them home and put them in a pot. I hope they survive, but if they don’t, I know exactly where the rest of them are, because I didn’t take them all.

I’m happy about this because all this time I was thinking I would never find any and would have to order them online.

Real wild strawberries actually have a flavor, unlike the mock strawberries.

Now all I can do is sit and wait to see if they survive and grow.

I also want to go find the American plum tree in Lemont. And something else… I forget what it was…. Oh, and I wanted to go get blueberry bushes from Mt. Nittany. And serviceberries again. I tried planting my serviceberries, but I don’t think they’ll grow. I loved them – they were so good.

Commercial agriculture only cares about the appearance, and the ‘yield.’ It’s easier and faster to get a large weight of fruit if each individual fruit is large, so they breed them to be bigger and bigger. Then they end up tasting horrible and having no nutrition left, but who cares, they’re big!

There are a few other plants I want to get in the long run. I want to get more of the plants that have edible starchy roots. I also want to learn how to eat tree bark. I don’t feel confident about identifying trees.

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