Green sludge – I drank some and now I am freezing

I feel like I just took a bath in ice water. My fingers and toes feel like ice. Vegetables are viewed as ‘cooling foods’ in Chinese medicine, and it’s totally true. I don’t know if it’s because they attack the thyroid, or for some other reason. I’m also cold because the vegetables were frozen.

I took ALL the bags of frozen vegetables that I had (argh! I have something under the keyboard which is interfering with several different letters! crumbs or something) and put them all into the blender. This was a gradual process that took a while. I tried to thaw them out by filling the sink with hot water, then putting the vegetables into a big plastic bowl sitting in the water. I also had to mix water with them so that they would blend, because they kept locking up and not moving in the blender.

I don’t even remember what I put in there. I had three frozen organic bananas that had been about to spoil, and I had put them in the freezer to save them, so those went into the smoothie. I don’t remember which ones were organic, but I think almost all of them were, and one particular brand was ‘sustainably grown’ or something, which means it doesn’t have its organic certification yet.

shiitake mushrooms
multicolored carrots
swiss chard
a little bit of thyme from my pot outside

That’s all I can remember. I used up every single bag of vegetables that I had in the freezer. I put all the sludge into ziploc bags, which I put into the other freezer in the back closet, the same place where I have my already cooked rice portions stored in containers.

I tried some of it before all the ingredients were in there. It’s actually very risky to mix everything together because you don’t know if you’ll be able to drink it. I had a juicer in the past and I found out the hard way that it’s not possible to just magically drink anything that you put through the juicer. When I say ‘not possible,’ I mean, certain fruits or vegetables will actually gag you while you try to swallow them, not merely because they are ‘yucky,’ but because they contain an unknown substance, perhaps oxalic acid. It happened when I made beet juice, I remember that. It physically would not go down my throat. Jason, Eric’s brother, told me the same thing happened to him, but I forget which fruit or vegetable it was.

It was only slightly difficult to swallow this particular mix – not bad – I didn’t gag. All that matters is that I’m able to get it down.

But now I am in bed with the blanket and my heating pad on.

If the green sludge is going to benefit me, I will usually feel the results within 24 hours. It won’t do anything magical, above a certain plateau – I will only feel as though ‘something got better overnight,’ and I will have a feeling of being slightly fixed, but I cannot go above that plateau and become *really* healthy or energetic. It’s just a feeling of being slightly improved.

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