We need our land, my people and I. We do not need jobs. We are displaced from our land, all of us.

4:01 PM 5/3/2016

I’ve been intermittently taking ibuprofen on days when I’m not on my period and not cramping. This is very unusual for me. I prefer to avoid all over the counter drugs as much as possible unless it is absolutely life or death, or if I have to call off sick from work.

I got some dishes done today. They’re in the washer now. I also washed the towels yesterday and accidentally discovered something unexpected, which could explain a problem. It was laughable.

I took all the towels off the hangers in the bathroom, and washed them. They were still in the dryer. Eric took a shower, and he got out another fresh towel from the closet. He hung HIS towel on the hanger that I had designated as ‘my’ hanger. I didn’t realize anybody else was using that particular hanger. So I have probably been grabbing towels that Eric was sometimes using, and using them myself, thinking that they were all on ‘my’ hanger and were clean.

This might be a route through which I keep getting pesticide on me. Now that I understand that, I’m going to pay more attention to the towels, to where they come from and who is using them. I could even keep MY towel in my bedroom.

I also am not having any more problems with the horrible feeling I had the other day. I still have not tested either the coenzyme q10 or the American ginseng again, so I do not know which one caused the feeling, and I would really like to know for sure, for future reference.

I’ve been watching Joel Osteen’s youtube videos. The socionists typed him as an IEE / ENFP.

Also, it’s probably ridiculous that I was urged to retype Jesse as an LIE / ENTJ the other day. It’s just that I have no memory at all of what he is like, because I cannot be with him.

I tried to fill out an application for Panera Bread, because a former coworker recommended it. I agree with their policy of removing unwanted additives from their food, although some of it is misguided – they want to remove all lard, for instance, without understanding that actually, lard is healthy for you IF: it comes from pastured pigs, is NOT hydrogenated and has no additives, and, I suspect, if it is kept refrigerated. I believe that there is a misunderstanding about the shelf stability of animal fats at room temperature. Some people leave their butter just sitting out on the counter at room temperature. I *have* actually had heart problems from eating animal fats, but it seems to happen if they have been left out at room temperature. Refrigerated animal fats probably do not cause heart problems. The mystery of how fats affect the heart is not yet solved.

Not only that, but another part of the problem, I believe, happens when you are changing back and forth from one type of fat to the other all the time. When you eat a bunch of vegetable oils, your body puts them in places where it needs fat, but then, when you suddenly eat the animal fats that you are supposed to be eating, the body just releases those big chunks of vegetable oil that it was trying desperately to use to patch itself up, and it grabs the good animal fats and uses them instead, but the big chunks of vegetable oil clumps get suddenly released to float around in your bloodstream and clog something. This is my theory. I’m not sure of this. I only know that I have observed that I don’t have any problems with fats if I am eating nothing but animal fat for a long time, but if I switch back and forth from using vegetable oils and animal fats, I do have heart problems, and I also have heart problems if I eat animal fats that are kept at room temperature.

I don’t know all the nuances of all the problems that I have, when I have them, and which types of fats triggered them. I am only saying that we do NOT yet fully understand what effects fat has on the heart. People are rebelling against the government’s mainstream
recommendations to avoid all fat. However, there are grains of truth in this recommendation, because improperly handled fats are dangerous, rancid fats are dangerous, and, if my theory is correct, alternating between good fats and bad fats is dangerous. There are many nuances and the effects are complex. We do need to eat fat, but we also need to observe our sensations immediately after eating them, and for the next 24 hours afterwards.

I have had actual chest pains, angina, from eating animal fat in these little snack sausages that were kept at room temperature. The angina was terrible, and I could not catch my breath and could not walk up the stairs. This kept happening and it was so bad that I went to the doctor and had a test done, years ago. The tests looked at or listened to my heart, and I don’t recall what type of test it was, but the doctor told me that my heart did not have any permanent scarring or long term damage from whatever I was experiencing.

The case is not yet closed on animal fats and what they do to the heart. I agree with all the people who are saying we shouldn’t eat vegetable oils, that vegetable oils have poisonous solvents in them, that they are rancid, that rapeseed is a poisonous plant that causes heart lesions – all of that is true. But it’s not safe to just assume that the entire thing is completely wrong and just freely eat tons and tons of animal fats without paying any attention. Saturated animal fats *do* cause problems, but only in particular situations, and only if they have been handled a particular way.

Yesterday, I tried to fill out an application for Panera, which is why I went off on a tangent about fats and how Panera is misguided in its attempts to remove lard. If only they would give us the right kinds of fats, which were properly handled, properly made, properly stored, and which came from grassfed animals, that would be great – we need fats.

I tried to fill this out, but ended up in tears, dry tears because I could not actually cry, I could only sob. I was sobbing by the time I had gotten a few minutes into the personality type test. They have these pre-employment application tests which are the essence of all evil. I did not have the option of simply writing ‘ISTP/SLI’ over top of it. It is unavoidable – I cannot skip the test. The test went on, and on, and on, and on, for hours and hours and hours, asking me exactly the same question three times in a row with slightly different wordings each time, and after hours and hours had gone by, I looked up at the progress bar and saw that I was only 1/4 of the way through the test. I was sobbing, and so I shut it off and I gave up.

Again: I am advocating an employment process, and a charity process, which uses no paperwork at all, which is suitable for people who are illiterate, and suitable for people who cannot fill out paperwork because they have an extremely intense and extremely painful psychological aversion to it. The aversion to paperwork is no joke, and I take it very, very seriously. It is real, it is legit, it is a thing, it is a phenomenon, and it is totally respectable and real. For all practical purposes, you have to assume that some people are ‘illiterate’ with regard to filling out forms, even though they are capable of reading and writing in all other situations. The filling out of forms is a particular kind of reading and writing which is so physically painful to particular types of people – personality types! – especially when they are in a vulnerable position where they already feel worthless and useless like garbage.

I had to abandon the employment application for the nursery next door, and haven’t been able to continue on it, because it was SO LONG, pages and pages and pages long, a thick book. It started asking questions which are designed to prove how insecure and worthless you are, such as ‘What are your strengths?’ and things like that.

All that I have to say about this is, NO. We do not, quote, ‘need jobs.’ Jobs are not what we need. We need our land back. We need to be not paying for the land that we live on. We need to be stone age hunter gatherers who live on the land without using a global paper money system. We need to trade locally using objects of real value. ‘Needing jobs’ implies that this entire economic system and social system is a ‘need,’ that humans were meant to live this way.

We are NOT meant to live this way. We are NOT meant to fill out lengthy pieces of paperwork, begging for the right to live. We do not beg for the right to exist. Our land was taken away from us and held hostage by people who forced us to pay money to live on it. This is not merely the Native Americans, it is every person, of every race, on the entire planet, including white people.

And so, when I try to fill out these lengthy pieces of paper, or these lengthy personality type tests online, and I end up sobbing, it is not because there is something wrong with ME. It is something wrong with the paradigm.

Not only that, but think of what will happen as more and more functions get automated by machinery. I’ve heard the libertarians arguing about this subject, and THEY… ARE… WRONG. Automation DOES put people out of jobs. We are meant to perform jobs that require an enormous input of human labor – that is, hunting, gathering, fishing, subsistence farming, and subsistence crafting of our own tools. These are labor intensive activities which are, quote, ‘inefficient,’ on the global scale. This is the difference between the +Te of the Delta Quadra, and the -Te of the Gamma Quadra.

We are not meant to isolate all of our farming in a faraway place, on a gigantic field miles and miles long, which will be plowed by one single person riding on a machine because that’s more ‘efficient,’ to use only one single human to plow miles and miles and miles of the field, and then transport those products thousands of miles away to the city which is paved with concrete and asphalt and is incapable of growing a single living thing.

Instead, we are meant to have dozens, and hundreds, and thousands of individual people, walking down the fields, and picking the berries by hand. This is permaculture.

Labor intensive jobs, which are ‘inefficient,’ are what we need most on earth. I’m not saying that we are going to do activities which are pointless and wasteful. We are going to do activities that directly benefit us, and we will do them ourselves, and that means we will do our own subsistence farming without machinery.

We have been brainwashed to believe that ‘global efficiency’ is a good thing, and the best thing, ever, but ‘global efficiency,’ to the economists, always means that one single individual is capable of plowing a field a thousand miles long using only one machine, while all the people who were displaced from that land can’t even get a job there! We’re not hiring you, because we don’t need you. Our labor is automated by machine and is perfectly efficient. We need zero human operators. The only person who profits from this is the land owner.

Humans being displaced from the land is the essence of the modern economy. We don’t have a choice about being born in the middle of an urban area totally devoid of all life so that we are incapable of even stepping out the door and picking an apple off the tree, and believe me, they won’t even plant so much as a simple apple tree next to an apartment complex – they deliberately want to force EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING to go shopping at the grocery store and spend money for every single calorie that they eat, even if it would only cost a few dollars to grow an apple tree, or a bunch of apple trees, and plant them around an apartment complex. They ACTIVELY AVOID planting any kind of useful or edible plants around apartments or in the city or anywhere that people live, and they deliberately move the food production thousands of miles away from you.

And if you don’t have an apple tree already grown right this instant, you will have to plant one yourself, and then wait years and years and years before it starts producing anything. You cannot have
apple-producing infrastructure overnight.

The libertarians have often argued that automation is not a bad thing, because people will just get jobs working in factories that produce the robots that we are using. That’s right – they’ll work in a factory which employs about three people, because the entire factory itself is also completely automated. The factory is a huge box that takes up a giant space of land, preventing people from growing their own food on that land, and so, dozens of people are prevented from living because this factory is wasting the space. This is NOT the most ‘efficient’ use of resources, just the opposite. It is the wasteful destruction of all space.

Thousands and thousands of people could live on a few miles of land, for free, producing everything they need on their own locally, if only they could work on a permaculture farm – but no, those miles of land have been paved over with asphalt, and the grass is a giant mowed lawn, and this land is ‘owned’ by somebody who has access to the sources of money. Having access to the source of money is a privilege that only a few people have. It is NOT equally open to everyone.

But I only have straw men to argue with about this, so I can’t really portray the opposite side’s position.

We are also destroying human talent and human ability, by force feeding people malnourishing poisons and chemicals for a lifetime so their bodies and brains are deformed and unable to function. After destroying people’s ability to use their own brains and bodies, we then demand that those people ‘make an effort’ to become more profitable, to improve themselves, and then we blame them for being unable to earn enough money to buy a thousand acres of land and start their own modern farm which they can plow using a machine that costs a couple million dollars.

The entire cycle needs to end. We need to prevent the Weston Price deformities from happening in the first place, so as to maximize human potential. Brains will never work if they are inside a skull so small that the brain cannot grow to full size and the pituitary gland is cramped inside a small space so it too cannot function, because the bones of the skull were killed before they finished growing, due to the combination of malnutrition and poisons. The bones stop growing and do not form the body properly. Weston Price found that people’s brains would suddenly start growing whenever he put spacers in the roof of their mouths to spread apart the dental arch – it opened up enough room in the skull for the pituitary gland to start working properly, and the person suddenly grew and developed. Skull deformities are brain deformities.

All of the people who are currently deformed need a place to live. They were deformed before birth by forces they could not control, and as a result, they will live an entire lifetime with greatly reduced intelligence. Blame them for this! Go ahead, tell them that all they need to do is try harder, put out some more effort, compete, improve themselves, try harder, climb the corporate ladder, take some classes, when a lot of these people can barely even read and write and are so sick and so exhausted they can barely even get out of bed, or even think a single thought.

People who are so sick they can barely even move, through absolutely no fault of their own, need a place to live, where nobody cracks a whip over them telling them, ‘Try harder! Try harder! Try harder! It’s your fault you’re a failure! I deserve to own this land! I deserve to be a multibillionaire, and you deserve to be a slave doing manual labor, because you just don’t care enough to try harder!’

The theft of land is the essence of capitalism. Capitalism cannot exist without the outright theft of land. The solution is to give people HUGE tracts of land, not just tiny reservations, and to supply them with enormous herds of wild animals, not farm animals, and supply them with enormous crops of wild native plants that are able to grow on the land without any maintenance at all, which they are able to eat and which the animals can eat. This is not merely the Native Americans, IT IS EVERYONE who has been destroyed by modern society.

We forgive people for being barely literate, forgive people for being unable to fill out paperwork or take lengthy pointless tests that they already know the answer to, while being directed away from human beings and human interaction over and over again because it’s ‘less efficient’ to have a whole bunch of job counselors sitting in an office actually interacting with human beings – no, if you go to a job counseling office nowadays, THE FIRST THING THEY WILL DO is tell you, ‘You have to go fill out a form on the internet, and then, do a job search, online, and apply for the jobs online.’ I DON’T NEED A CAREER COUNSELOR TO DO THAT! I CAN USE GOOGLE! FUCKING GOOGLE will give me dozens of job hunting websites! I do not need ‘Careerlink’ as the one and only specific website that I use for my job search! I do not need to go to Careerlink and be told that I can use their website to do an online job search and write my own resume by myself and avoid all human interaction and don’t make all those job counselors get their hands dirty by sitting down and speaking to a real human being face to face about what they want to do with their career, because it costs too much money and it’s inefficient to let job counselors sit around in an office talking to people face to face when we have the GODLY BLESSING OF THE INTERNET allowing us to do all of that job searching for free!!!!

What is career counseling? Career counseling is when you sit down with a human being and you talk to them, face to face. Career counseling is NOT, I repeat, NOT what you are doing when you go to an online job search page and fill out some forms online and make your own resume by yourself and upload it online. THAT… IS… NOT… CAREEER… COUNSELING.

I can’t go to a government office and ask for help related to finding a job, because ALL THAT THEY DO, EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ONE OF THEM, 100% OF THEM, will ALWAYS, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, tell me that the very first thing I need to do is fill out an application online and then use their FUCKING, STUPID, RETARDED, IDIOTIC, PATHETIC, online job search. Because that is what happened when I talked to PICCC, the place that I used years ago.

When I went to PICCC years ago, I actually sat down with a human being face to face in an office and had a conversation with a real human about my career. But in the time between then and now, PICCC has completely ceased to exist. I was told that the first thing I needed to do was fill out an application online, which included a resume.

The very thing I did years ago was have PICCC help me write my resume! I actually sat in an office with somebody and talked, face to face, about the words I needed to write on my resume, and the lady practically wrote it for me. That was the service they provided for me.

Now, I’m supposed to just write my own resume myself, all alone, without the help of a single human being, while I am completely demoralized and while I am hating all of society and hating all of the work world, all by myself, by magic, and upload it, because it’s perfectly reasonable to expect all potential job seekers to completely do 100% of all the work by themselves! Anyone who can’t do 100% of the job seeking work by themselves is a lazy moron who deserves failure! You’re just not trying hard enough!

Ibuprofen makes my stomach sick, and the sickness lingers all day and all night long. I’m using ibuprofen but this sickness is the price I pay for it. I got some dishes done. I hobbled around on my sore hips which are so much worse because of all the vivarin pills I am using. The sickness causes me to feel filled with hatred, which lingers on and on and is not relieved by spewing bile for hours in a blog about how much I hate all of modern society. An unrelenting, unrelieved emotional state or mood is a sickness, not an emotion.

All I know is that we need the land. We need to hunt and gather our own food. We need to fish in the rivers, the rivers which are undammed and released so that the fish will swim in them again. We need this, everyone, not just the Native Americans who are an inferior race who are too stupid to get a job like normal people – the WHITE PEOPLE need the land too! The white people need to hunt and gather and fish and subsistence farm and subsistence herd the animals too!

We are entitled to receive this land to live on, even though we were not Native Americans (although I have only the tiniest drop of Native blood in me from somewhere on my mom’s side of the family, and I can see it in my cheekbones and her cheekbones, just barely – if there is only one thing I love about my face, it is my slightly native cheekbones). We were not ‘displaced’ in the same way as Natives were. Instead, we were unwillingly born inside of cities, not by choice, involuntarily born in locations where it was physically impossible to step outside the door and pick an apple. We did not choose to be born inside the cities. In this way, we are displaced from the land and not by choice. It is not easy to just get up and magically walk yourself a thousand miles over to the forest, without any previously existing infrastructure there for you.

Primitive people have existing infrastructure. They do not merely go out into the woods all by themselves, alone, ‘Survivor-Style,’ forced to make their own knives by knapping rocks for the very first time without ever knowing how, forced to make every single tool that they need RIGHT NOW to use, by themselves.

That’s not how the real world works. In the real world, you are born inside a primitive stone age subsistence culture. They already have houses, but these houses are made out of primitive local materials. You don’t have to instantly build your own house the moment you are born to avoid freezing to death. You also don’t have to instantly knap your own stones and make your own arrows and knives the instant you are born to hunt your own meat. You society made those tools for you before you were born, and they raised you to slowly, gradually, learn how to make and use those tools yourself, but not instantly, not on the very first day you were born. You have time to learn. Meanwhile, as you learn, you are still using the tools and
infrastructure that was already there for you.

So if we go into the woods now, we will find it devoid of life. There will be not a single edible plant for a thousand miles. Edible plants are infrastructure, planted for us by our forebears. It takes time for edible plants to grow. We did not choose to destroy all of this infrastructure. We cannot choose to just walk out of the city, walk into the woods, and start living on nothing without any
infrastructure. The infrastructure needs to be rebuilt. The native edible plants need to be purchased, for money, because all of the native plants were destroyed by genocide and replaced by European invasive plants which are toxic, useless, and inedible, although some of them can be used. We want our native plants back. They grow with zero maintenance. No fertilizer, no pesticide, no herbicide, no special protection needed – they were designed to live here. They increase biodiversity.

Were we displaced from the land by invading Europeans who killed our people and moved us to a reservation? No. We were displaced from the land merely by being born inside a city, in a world where all of our subsistence infrastructure was completely destroyed, all of our subsistence tools were destroyed, our native plants were destroyed, and this all happened through no fault of our own. We would have chosen that subsistence lifestyle, but we could not have it – instead, we were told, we must climb the corporate ladder of society and compete against millions of people who hate subsistence and want nothing to do with it and have no intention of rebuilding any subsistence infrastructures for us to live on. We must earn this thing called ‘money,’ and we must pay MILLIONS AND MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for a couple acres of land.

Again, I’m sick, and I should go do something else – there will be no end to this infinite hatred of everything. I don’t want to use ibuprofen, but it has kind of helped me a little bit to get some stuff done, not much though.

The summary: I don’t have anyone to argue with except a straw man. But I am saying: everyone everywhere needs to have the opportunity to live a subsistence lifestyle, in a non-literate society, an ORALITE society, where they do not use money and they do not use books and paper and writing. People must be given this opportunity. This is what we all need. We do not, quote, ‘NEED JOBS.’ We need our land and our subsistence infrastrucure, and we need the knowledge again. We need our land.

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