now I have insomnia

I’m trying to go to sleep. I had a cup of coffee late in the evening, but usually, that doesn’t stop me from sleeping.

I took ibuprofen yesterday and today. It did actually change my behavior, but did not accomplish what I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to become able to fill out paperwork. I didn’t do that, but instead, since my stomach was sick from using ibuprofen, I was really grouchy and wrote a big flaming couple of comments on one of the websites I go to. The flames were much flamier than usual.

I’m not going to church in the morning tomorrow, but I might go to their evening thing. They do the evening thing every other Sunday. It’s called ‘Soulful Sundown.’ I’d be able to get to that more easily because a bus will be running in the afternoon, although I should be careful and check that it runs late enough to be able to take me home.


3 Responses to “now I have insomnia”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    …out of the middle came a lady…


  2. Anonymous Says:

    I wonder if anyone ever correlated chronic fatigue with caloric intake?

    If you don’t feed the furnace it’s fire smolders…

  3. Nicole Says:

    I actually have read some things where they recommend eating a lot of sugar (the exact opposite of what most people recommend for good health) if you get the type of chronic fatigue that comes from food poisoning from fish, Ciguatera poisoning, which can result in decades of chronic fatigue. I actually do better when I am drinking a couple two-liters of Coke all day long.

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