Pseudomax needs a nickname

There’s a little cat who seems to be coming over from next door. I don’t know if he’s really their cat or a stray. He looks exactly like little Minimax, the one who died last year. He’s not as pale as Max, but he’s a ‘Small Grey’ with stripes. I don’t know why but stripey grey cats are always smaller and skinnier than other ones. I have seen three now that were like that.

The first one was a stray, and he, too, disappeared. I called him Lynx. He had unusually big feet, just like a lynx. He had a long, long, long meow, the longest meow I’ve ever heard. It just went on and on. He was a stray near the trailer for a while, years ago, and he was annoying, but lovable. Then, he just never showed up again. I don’t know whatever happened to him.

I’ve been putting cat food out by the front door when I put Jacob outside. Yesterday I went back to look at it, and a whole lot of cat food was gone. I didn’t think Jacob would eat that much. It had been nearly full, but then a huge hole was dug out of it, almost to the bottom. I wondered if maybe the dog had come over from next door and eaten it. Then I went out somewhere and came home, and another cat shot out from under the car and ran away, and Jacob was still there. They had been just sitting quietly together doing nothing, not really next to each other, but both under the car. I don’t mind – I want Jacob to have friends.

So today, I actually saw the cat clearly for the first time, and saw that it looked exactly like Max. I put out the food for him, and after I left, I looked out the window and saw that he went to eat it. So I’m feeding a stray or someone else’s cat. I don’t mind.


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