The Frodo actor hated his character

Frodo, the actor: The socionists have typed him IEI, Beta NF. As a beta NF, he uses +Fe, not -Fe. The movie itself is Alpha and is all about -Fe, sad emotions. There’s all this crying and stuff. He had to force himself to cry, but now that I know what I know, I can see that he looks insincere. He looks irritated like he wants to say, ‘Enough of this sappy shit!’ I can’t recall his name and would have to google it. I want to say ‘Isaiah’ or something like that. But I can clearly see the conflict between what he wants to express, as a Beta NF, and what the movie requires him to express, as an Alpha movie. JRR Tolkien was typed LII recently in a socionics forum. I remember reading about how he rebelled after the movie was over, because he didn’t want to be perceived as the type of guy who he played in the movie, and he started to be a ‘bad boy’ so that he could create that type of image instead.

4 Responses to “The Frodo actor hated his character”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    …if you don’t control your mind someone else will…

    I couldn’t get the pic to copy and “it’s time to make the donuts”.

  2. Nicole Says:

    Was it the one that said ‘RELIGION’ and then showed a black silhouette of a person holding a girl who was praying? I googled it.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Nah the pic was some artsy graphic of a head shot with spikes?

    bing shows the same image you found on google it was not that one.
    The quote was why I stopped by, apparently it is so popular it even has it’s own facebook-

    Gollum can be viewed as the real hero, Frodo loses a finger and a year. G is forced to murder his best friend. enslaved for millennia,and gives his life to destroy the ring, so maybe “the Bad Boys” deserve some love too.


  4. Nicole Says:

    I really love that view of Gollum as the hero, that’s great.

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