difficulty typing my coworkers at McD

4:55 PM 10/31/2015

‘The voices’ typed a coworker as Beta today, because he was talking about bloody fingers being chopped off into the salad, and about an imaginary customer asking, ‘What’s this red colored sauce?’ I haven’t been able to type that coworker, but I thought he might be ESI (not Beta, but Gamma) for a while now.

However, he did use some kind of Ni today as he was leaving – he mentioned two people as ‘Thing One and Thing Two,’ from The Cat in the Hat. I still don’t know what type he is. He informed me that I should only put down four quarter pounders at a time, when I happened to grab five of them and was holding them in my hand.

The store manager, who I thought was LSI but I considered EII (but then said, no, probably LSI) also is pushing us to only put down four at a time. Yesterday we were really, really busy, and it was just after a moment of total chaos, when we were recovering, and I wanted to make extra stuff so that I could rest for five seconds without cooking anything, and the manager told me to put down only four at a time, even though I am able to prevent them from sticking out the sides of the platen when I put down six. I usually associate number-worshipping with Betas and Gammas.

However, I have someone who I think is Delta, who also sometimes nags me about following the rules, but if I recall correctly, he chews tobacco a lot – I see him spitting. Tobacco use totally changes the personality and makes people annoying when they otherwise would be tolerable, and this guy annoys almost everyone, including me, but I think he’s a SLI (same type as me).

I’m chopping this into arbitrary paragraphs.

There’s someone who I typed as SLE first, then maybe SEE, and now I’m wondering if he’s EII. So, I typed him as his conflictor, if so.

There’s a guy who I thought might be EII, then I changed it to ESI, then today I started thinking he might be EII again. I’m not sure. I didn’t know he had prosthetic lower legs. He jumped off a train when he was young, and got hurt. He was riding the train with his brothers. I always wanted to do that exact thing. When the train speeds up, you just have to sit there and wait till it goes hundreds of miles to the next town, instead of jumping off after it starts going fast. That was how he got hurt – he decided to jump off instead of just waiting for it to stop.

I won’t have time to post this.

So I’m typing my coworkers at McD now. Betas do not give me as much trouble if we are in a sane corporation with relatively sane rules and a relatively sane work environment, but even so, I am thankful that I don’t have overwhelming amounts of them here, because they still change the environment of the workplace to the Beta mood.

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    Organlegger is no longer a viable future career option-


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