probably an LSI

If I make a public declaration of somebody’s personality type, I usually ‘hear voices’ afterwards expressing their opinions. They said I was probably right the first time, he probably is just an LSI / ISTJ. It’s just that, in my experience, ISTJs always starve their employees, but he makes an effort to give us breaks. I’m not joking, I’m serious. Starving the employees when they’re supposed to get breaks is such a reliable hallmark of an ISTJ that I can use just that one particular behavior to guess somebody’s personality type. If they do not starve the employees and do not refuse to give them breaks, it is unlikely that they are an ISTJ. That’s one reason why I decided I must have typed him wrong when I guessed LSI / ISTJ when I first met him. He isn’t a total dickbag asshole, and therefore cannot be an LSI / ISTJ. But actually, he could be.

4 Responses to “probably an LSI”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe he is just a ” total dickbag asshole” and he just “tries to be a nice guy” to prevent his “DUMB ASS” from getting fired!

    Go ahead and believe the voodoo from “Socionics”, but I learned from a true source that “An Asshole is an ASSHOLE”…

    No many how many capital letter acronyms you try to define an individual with, sometimes, all you need is a four letter word “EVIL”!

    Absolute Power corrupts absolutely!

    Democracy is “ruled by the mob”…


  2. Anonymous Says:

    secret keepers…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I ran into this guys www site while browsin’ the Avalon forum more than a year ago… His concrete constructions are so beautiful, and yet simple/organic. If nothing else, browse the pictures.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I had a battle with my new computer’s browser and won!

    The import “Favorites” function is deliberately broken!

    I spent over an hour trying to use this “function” to import all my favorite URL’s from the old computers (I spent $60 on a lilt box that plugs into a USB port and SATA hard drives!), the Windows 10 Edge browser “import function” not only does not let you import more than one link at a time but most of the “importations” FAIL!

    I had a “HACK and Slash” moment and the results were 🙂

    I now had access to the old data and since the alleged importation program was obviously crap, decided to copy and paste! It worked perfectly! I now have all my FAVS back! I still need to go thru them and either delete or move all the YouTube classic rock vids into a folder so I don’t have to scroll down to number 777 or so on the list…

    Computers supposedly would make life easier, so who I ask you decided they would make us poor hominids look stupid? I originally followed Bo’s posts on Avalon because of his story about being “puppeted” into walking in front of a backhoe and getting clobbered!

    Three little pigs all capitalist!
    Three little lemmings all communist!
    Three little deists all suicidal!

    One pragmatist to rule them all.

    Burn your house down?
    Jump off the cliff?
    Die for heaven’s SAKE?

    LOGOS tells your future!

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