Item 1: Taking temperatures of the food (not complete yet)

5:26 PM 10/23/2015

I’m on break at McD, because I actually get breaks here. But I won’t have time to go through this whole list. I might get through a couple items.

I’m pretty sure the new store manager at McD is an EII / INFJ, from the Delta Quadra. He says things like, ‘Is there a reason why you’re doing XYZ?’ and then, he sincerely listens to hear your answer, and then considers it, instead of ‘OMG! YOU’RE DOING XYZ! YOU MUST STOP DOING XYZ RIGHT NOW OR ELSE ALL OF HUMANKIND WILL BE DESTROYED!!!!’ which is what I get at Taco Bell. He also says things which are meant to be serious, but they make me laugh, the way a socionic activator does. He tends to express negative emotions, and since I use Model B (or something which I thought was called Model B, but which might not be called that, after I had some discussions about it in a forum), the EII uses +Fi and -Fe (negative emotions) as its base function. He gets along very well with all the LSEs and the SLIs. I could be wrong – I originally typed him LSI / ISTJ, but after getting to know him, I really don’t feel like that’s what type he is. So, with an EII store manager, this store is even more Delta than ever before.

Okay, the other day I pulled out a piece of paper and started writing every little thing that seemed insane and unreasonable and pissed me off. I don’t think he reads my blog, although it’s theoretically possible that he could, because when I was dying of rabies, I mentioned my blog on facebook so that the rest of humanity could read it after I was dead, and then I didn’t die. So he might know it exists. But I am going to not hold back on my criticism. I don’t think he reads it. I just don’t like hurting people.

1. ‘Make sure you wait for it to stabilize.’ This was about the thermometer. I was asked to take the temperatures, which is a routine we always have to do. Stupid people are unable to feel that the food, and the inside of the fridge, cooler, or freezer, is unusually warm, or they are unable to feel that the temperature of the hot food is unusually cold, or observe with their own eyes that it isn’t steaming anymore, and so, they made a rule, to compensate for the stupidity of the vast majority of people, that they must routinely use a
thermometer to prove whether or not the equipment is working properly and to prove that the food hasn’t been left at the wrong temperature, instead of trusting smart, competent people, such as myself, to observe when the food or the equipment is at the wrong temperature, which I can do without using a thermometer, and which I am constantly paying attention to, nonstop, because I am a SLI / ISTP, and sensing is my base function, so I am constantly sensing things 24 hours a day, unlike the retards who don’t notice that the refrigerator FEELS WARM whenever it’s broken, and so on.

So I was taking the temps. What I do is, if I already know that the food’s temperature is okay, I make up a random imaginary number somewhere in the range that it’s supposed to be in, and I pretend to stick the thermometer in the food, but I don’t wait for the
temperature to actually go up to the number and stabilize, which takes about FIVE MINUTES for each item. I already know the temperature is fine, judging by my sensations, observations, the fact that I am not a retard and am capable of using my eyes and my hands, and I also observe how fast the numbers are changing to guess what the end result will be. I don’t need the thermometer, because I am not an idiot. Some people are idiots, and that is why we have this rule.

So I was doing this, and Mr. Superego Manager told me, ‘Make sure you wait for it to stabilize.’ I immediately felt angry and irritated. Wait five minutes, for each item, even though I already know the temps are okay?

Meanwhile – oh, I won’t have time to explain this. They are LYING ABOUT the temperatures that they know are wrong, such as the onions being, literally, FROZEN in a block of ice, because the temp of the cooler is too cold over there. I write down the truth whenever I encounter such things. If you give me this stupid job, don’t tell me to lie about it when the temperatures are wrong! I will write down the truth in the book, just to be an asshole, even though I know I’m supposed to lie and say they’re okay.

So, not only am I supposed to lie if the temperatures are actually wrong, I’m supposed to WAIT FIVE MINUTES FOR THE NUMBER TO STABILIZE on the thermometer, as though that number even means anything and as though we’re actually going to do something about it.

I don’t have time. …. That’s only ITEM 1 on the list…. and I’m not even done proving how insane and stupid this is yet.

3 Responses to “Item 1: Taking temperatures of the food (not complete yet)”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    They did a realistic study about biology years ago and found out that the “RATS” were healthier and lived longer in a “DIRTY” environment, than they did in a clean “STERILE” one…
    Perhaps biology has evolved faster than stupid?

    OMG The ELOI are smarter than us MORLOKS WTF!!!!

    🙂 “As above so below”…

    “little value”


  2. Anonymous Says:

    The only way to be free in our age is to climb the “puppet masters” strings and strangle them in his/hers lies!



    PS- Silicon LIFE

  3. Nicole Says:

    Yeah, the sanitizer is one of the most insane/evil things that I have to deal with, at BOTH jobs. As long as I wash the dishes with gloves on, I am usually okay. I think sanitizer is required by law, but it’s one of those stupid laws. I agree about the germ-phobia and the rats being healthier in a dirty environment. All that sanitizer is probably washing directly into our streams and killing every living thing that exists.

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