Cutting back work hours

I just told my manager today at Taco Bell that I wanted to work only one day a week. I was very anxious about telling her, knowing she would not be happy about it, but… I myself am also not happy. I’m not happy that I’m so exhausted and can’t get anything done at home for myself. I’m not happy about the fact that I still, to this day, don’t really like that job as much as I like McDonald’s. So I chose between making her happy, and making me happy. I can still go back and work more hours if I want to. I want to still have two jobs in case I decide to work a ton of hours and make a ton of money (more than 40 hours), but right now, I urgently need to do my own projects at home.

The stick house was turned into a base for the big tent, so that the tent would have a flat floor on the hill. I didn’t finish the stick house. I still don’t have a drying room. I need to experiment with drying all kinds of food, in particular, meats that are normally thought to be bad for drying – high fat meats. I want to test them and find out what happens when you dry high fat meats and organ meats. There might be some way it can be done which will prevent spoiling. I just want to be able to dry everything, so that my food supply can be unrefrigerated and can completely meet all my dietary needs, off the grid, and low tech. I don’t believe in high tech off the grid, I believe in primitive off the grid. Primitive people did not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy solar panels and everything so they could live without electricity.

So, I will soon be working fewer hours at TB, but still working three days at McD. I enjoy McD much more, and am much busier there, and I always feel that I am desperately needed over there, whereas over here, I spend large amounts of time standing around doing nothing, unless I am washing dishes, and there’s another guy who insists on washing dishes, so when he’s here, I do nothing. This entire business paradigm needs to change. I wish I could revise the entire way Taco Bell does things, but if I did, it would be a whole different business serving a completely different niche – it would simply not have its own identity at all. I would have to change the name, but keep the infrastructure, all these buildings and hardware and appliances and all the rest of it, but use it my own way. I would do it all so differently it would be completely unrecognizable.

I need my own free time to do my own thing. I don’t urgently need money right now, because I’m not going to attempt to go to Washington to be near Jesse until sometime after Christmas when he comes home. At that point, I might think about it, but it depends on what Jesse wants and whether he still wants me to be part of his life. He hasn’t been talking to me very much. A week or two ago, he called me, while drunk, to tell me he loved me – but the fact that he was drunk is a bad sign. I question if he really means it, if he did it while he was drunk. He did tell me once before that he actually meant what he said, even while he was drunk. It’s like a lowering of resistance, and the resistance is there for a reason, just the same way that my drugs and drug residues lower my resistance and cause me to do unnatural things that violate my barriers and filters, things which I would not have done without the drugs. That’s a sign that something is wrong, if a barrier prevents someone from doing something while sober or un-drugged.

I’m off tomorrow, but then I go back to work at McD. I don’t know how long it will be before I get my new schedule with the reduced work hours at TB. Probably not by next week yet.

I’m just desperate to get *something* done for myself, in my own life, anything at all, besides working, coming home, sleeping, getting up, and working again. I’m so exhausted because I’m riding my bike everywhere, in addition to merely the exhaustion from working. I had energy for just a couple days after I got back from visiting WV, where I did not exercise at all, but now the energy is completely gone, and all I can do is drag myself out of bed, pop a couple caffeine pills, and drag myself to work. I do not want to do this. I need more free time. Money-earning is postponed.

9 Responses to “Cutting back work hours”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Be happy and eat Pi!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Survival is not an option!
    It is was and always will be The Imperative!

    Now read Velikovosky’s work and understand why they always go to ground!

    The Earth is FLAT(unlent)….

    GOD had a BIG BANG!

    We were “allowed” to be his “SERVANTS”!!!!

    YUP! I managed a fart joke!

    “AS Above so Below”…

    All the philosophical hypocrites will tell you something about “HEAVEN” will come down to EARTH!

    I will say as above so below meant that the MORLOCK’s, ( were meant to oversee the Elio! ( unfortunately for HG Wells. the technology eclipsed his comprehension!

    You have been HORNSWAGGLED!

    The Titanic was an Insurance Scheme!

    911 was …

    Stop being a “REFUGEE”!!!

    Learn to fight for GAIA!


    The truth never ends, it just has perigees and apogees….

    Orbitus Stupidicus!

    New screen name!



  3. Nicole Says:

    ‘Orbitus Stupidicus,’ good one. This is an example of one of the comments that was postponed so that I could approve it. It seems to happen if it has more than two links, or something…. mystery solved.

  4. Nicole Says:

    People in Colorado are going to have to start camping in forests where no one can see them.

  5. Nicole Says:

    Very interesting about pi. And I memorized a bunch of pi, too, when I was younger. But all one would have to do is take some measurements, and I just have never bothered to do that. And it would take courage to accept the measurements, if you saw that they differed from the generally accepted number. If I hadn’t been encouraged to see it differently, I’d keep thinking my measurements were off, and I’d keep trying to change it so that my measurements came out to the ‘right’ number. It would take guts to say, the officially accepted number is just wrong. Very interesting…. And not a lot of people have that kind of gall. Concealing the value of a measurement sounds like a ‘freemasonish’ kind of thing to do. It reminds me of how I felt when I learned that there is a lot of value in using a dozen-based counting system instead of a ten-based one. The ten-based system (the metric system) was forced down our throats whether we wanted it or not. There are good reasons to use twelve instead of ten. I can imagine something similar being done with universal constants. They’re actually insane enough to do that kind of thing.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I learned geometry.

    Twas a true math!

    No matter how many fingers you count on as a child there will be physical constants defined by geometry.

    A math based In physics!

    Numbers based on observation of reality.

    How some tribe of liars was able to destroy every ones lives, and substitute an abhorrent reality, I now see!
    1 0 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 is decimal…

    We o0wn your base!

    Forget numerology or any other. the reality of physical life is all that matters!


  7. Anonymous Says:

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Jimi had the penis…

    Poor soul had knot da vagina!


    Just ask the axis…

  9. Anonymous Says:

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