Socionic superego relation. ENOUGH SAID

Note: I have a temporary parasitic infection because I ate a raw piece of fish the other day, so I am in a worse mood than usual. I often become extremely angry when I have parasites. Even so….

I want to kill that fucking retarded son of a bitch. I won’t even be able to tell what he is doing. He is just being a goddamn fucking imbecile. I’m about ready to walk out. I’m thinking, how can I arrange to not work at the same time he does. He is making me SO ANGRY. No one else is making me this angry. I’m only slightly irritable and slightly moody about things in general, as long as it isn’t him. When I’m dealing with him, I want to fucking kill someone or just walk the fuck out of this goddamn building. I can’t even explain all the ways he is being a fucking retard. I don’t have time to tell it all. Every single fucking thing he is doing and saying is pissing me off. I really, really am about to walk out. SOCIONIC SUPEREGO, the bastard!

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