a hacking-related complaint – I am angrier than usual, probably from the ginseng, and the hacking is angering me now

I’ve been using GameMaker again now that I am unemployed. For several weeks now, there has been something wrong with it, and it’s not a normal bug. It got hacked, for harassment purposes. They took away the tooltips for all the buttons, so that you cannot hover over a button to see the tooltip telling you what the button does. I have to keep either just pushing buttons to see what they do, or looking for them in the help file. I can find most of them in the help file, but not always easily, and it’s much easier to just hover over the button and see the tooltip. You can set GameMaker to display tooltips, and I definitely have that box checkmarked ‘yes.’ I even tried reinstalling it, but the tooltips did not reappear. They were there at first, then went away, which indicates hacking. This kind of thing has been done to me for years and years and years. It happened after I said that the only thing I couldn’t figure out in GameMaker was the fact that you have to drag and drop (or right click) the buttons in the ‘actions’ area – I kept trying to ‘press’ them, and it gave me a ‘no’ symbol (the circle with a diagonal line) telling me not to do that. So they took off the tooltips right after I said that, and then, I started right clicking those buttons, hoping that maybe right clicking them would show a tooltip, and found that they get dragged into the area automatically when you right click them, which is easier than dragging, but I still don’t have a tooltip showing for any of them. This thing about showing tooltips might be set somewhere in the registry, but I don’t know where to look for it, and I’m not taking enough drugs right now to make me ‘computer aggressive.’ There have been times when I was drugged enough that I would have tried to look for that setting in the registry, although I’m guessing that it will just say ‘1’ (on) like it’s supposed to, and the hacking is elsewhere.

Something similar happened years ago when I bought a computer that didn’t have a wifi antenna, so that I believed there was no way anyone could hack into my computer to harass me. (I don’t like the word ‘harass’ because it minimizes the anger and the harm that is being done, and makes it sound trivial.) Even though I had no wifi antenna on that computer, hacking incidents still occurred, because they were being done with electronic weapons, and not through the internet connection or the wifi connection. I would be ‘thinking a thought’ while playing one of my video games, just ‘noticing’ that this particular glowing effect, which was supposed to be attached to the weapons in the game, was not turned on, which made it hard to see the weapon, and whenever I was being forced to think that thought and notice that the glow was missing, suddenly it would turn itself back on spontaneously, always at the moment when I was being forced to notice this and think that thought. This was one of the torture and brainwashing methods being used – ‘training’ me to notice that something is happening, by doing a big and obvious demonstration of it, so that I became forever aware of it afterwards and could never forget that it was happening or was able to happen.

I am not in a good mood – I feel very hungry, and the ginseng pill is *probably* in my intestines right now, I’m guessing – it will be causing more effects, and murderous anger was one of the effects that I noticed when I took ginseng before. The hackers and mind
controllers always did more severe torture and abuse in the past whenever I was on drugs, because they were trying to trigger murderous rage – they wanted to force me to go out and kill somebody or kill myself. I remember when this was going on – I remember one particular incident where I was on St. John’s Wort and I was lying in bed, and they kept forcing the ‘tiger face’ image into my head over and over again, and triggering artificial rage every time I saw the tiger face, and saying the phrase ‘SUICIDAL RAGE!!!!’ in an annoying,
high-pitched, squeaky voice, and I was lying in bed steadfastly ignoring this attack, and the more I ignored it, meditating and silencing my mind, the more they attacked, so I started repeating a phrase over and over in my subvocal whispers to try to block all this out – I forget what I was whispering – and that caused them to retaliate by loudly clicking all the objects in the room, with loud, external, physical clicks out in the real world, not in my head, banging on metal objects around the room – this is done by means of VHF radio waves, if I recall – very high frequency – I might be remembering wrong, but VHF (or maybe VLF? very low frequency?) transduces directly from radio waves to sound whenever it hits particular objects, without any kind of hardware designed for transforming radio into sound – you don’t need a speaker or anything, it just changes physically from radio into sound, if you use particular frequencies and hit them against certain kinds of objects, and this is what is happening whenever meteors make sounds that you hear instantly while the meteor is overhead, which cannot possibly be normal sound because sound travels too slowly to get there at that moment. It’s called… geophysical… something. I’ve mentioned it several times in this blog. Yes, okay, google the words ‘Geophysical Electrophonics,’ and you will see what I mean. This is a natural phenomenon, but it has been weaponized and is now being used to make noises remotely and harass people, and also probably to move objects or break things.

I’ve been using GameMaker for weeks now with the tooltips not showing up, after they had been there originally until I mentioned in my blog about how I hadn’t been able to figure out how to drag the actions into the area where they go. It’s very slow and frustrating to try to figure out what those tiny symbols mean without having tooltips, and not only that, but in some of the tutorials that I’m doing, the button images have changed, perhaps by accident, so that the button they show in the tutorial looks different from the real button in my version of the software. That happened with a couple of the ‘health/life’ related buttons in the tutorial with the airplane game.

I didn’t benefit much from the ginseng today – I didn’t get up and do much that was useful, and I didn’t do chores or fill out an
application. But now, I’m having this effect many hours later which might be from the ginseng, the feeling of hunger and anger – I had just been resolutely ignoring the missing tooltips all this time, knowing that it had gotten hacked for harassment, but now, it’s making me angry tonight.

I haven’t done anything new on my own game yet. I’m still doing the tutorials. Right now I’m struggling to learn how to do particle effects. I tried using them before, on my own, but they didn’t work – they are not really easy to just jump in and do, and you have to do a series of processes and do them the right way, and I had no idea what to do. I saw particles occurring in the ‘Knytt’ game, when the spaceship was burning and falling down, and little colored circles of smoke were flying out behind it.

I played King’s Quest II online, with HTML5, recently. I also consulted a few web pages about unanswered questions I had from the game – for instance, what does the bridle do? If you rub the lamp three times, you get the magic carpet, then a sword, then the bridle. You should ignore the sword for now, and instead of killing the snake with the sword, you throw the bridle on the snake. It turns into a winged horse, who gives you a sugar cube so that you won’t die when you touch the poisonous brambles. I remember struggling for a million years to get through the poisoned brambles. I’m not the only one! Others said the same. The sugar cube would have helped. So I tried it and it worked. Incidentally, a snake turning into a horse is a phallic symbol, just like many or most animals and transformations happening in mythology and in the bible.

How long will I be unemployed this time? I love learning GameMaker, but I’m not getting paid (right away) to do that. It could pay off in the long run if I learn how to do it, and do it well, and make real games, and either sell them, or sell advertisements on the games. It can be done, but it cannot be done this very instant – it won’t make me rich next week. I’d love to do it, as I’d love to do many other things that I cannot do unless I have plenty of free time.

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