My reaction to ginseng; GMO plants with some nicotine-like substance; thoughts about using both a lunar and solar calendar; Robin Williams in ‘Night At The Museum’

1:21 PM 12/21/2014

I’m taking a form of ginseng, still. It’s Nature’s Bounty Ginseng Complex with Royal Jelly, because that’s all they had at Rite-Aid. Ginseng wasn’t available at Weis, although they do have a variety of other supplements and herbs there, just not that particular one.

I took only my third pill today. I took two pills the other day, then skipped a day and took a break from it yesterday. I took one more this morning.

It does have an effect on me. It makes me smarter and able to think more deeply, although, in the past, I was able to think this deeply all the time without drugs, back before I was constantly sleep deprived, overcaffeinated, and bombarded with electronic mind control attacks and electromagnetic pollution.

This particular type isn’t causing the problem I had last time I took ginseng. I tested it once while I was camping, and the effects were so bad, I took one pill and then threw away the rest of the bottle and refused to take it again. That time, it made me feel like my head was going to explode or something, and I almost vomited. I do remember that I got up and did some work, though, which was why I wanted it!

This particular type seems to be milder in its effects, or maybe, I’m cleaner and don’t have as many St. John’s Wort residues on my skin from the contamination – the two drugs together interact and cause worse effects. Back then, I was still pretty badly contaminated.

Right now, my floor is contaminated and I have to wear socks all the time and never go barefoot, but for the most part, I don’t have problems with it at the moment. I did the other day – I started my period, and was cramping, and at one point I was kneeling on the floor in the bathroom, with my bare knees touching the floor. Afterwards, I had insomnia from the ephedra residues on the floor, and absolutely could not sleep no matter what, even though I was *extremely* exhausted from cramping and, well, what can only be described as ‘bowel cleansing.’ So I had to wash off my knees and legs, and suddenly, instantly, I laid down and went to sleep immediately afterwards. The ephedra is still very much here on the floor, just in small quantities.

For what it’s worth, I was cramping without ibuprofen, which I sometimes have a desire to do – it’s like natural childbirth, basically. When I allow that to happen, it causes me to spew out everything that is in my intestines at the time, in both directions if I’m unlucky. I usually try not to vomit, but there will definitely be tons and tons of diarrhea until my entire intestine is completely empty. Strangely, this makes me feel really good the next day. It literally is just like a bowel cleanse, which some people do deliberately as an alternative medicine treatment. I do feel strangely refreshed and clear minded and less yucky the next day if I allow this to happen.

I have wondered why we menstruate. Surely, everyone has wondered that, and scientists and biologists wonder it too, and they observe what other animals do. Not all animals menstruate the way we do. Some animals reabsorb the lining of their uterus if they don’t get pregnant. I think we bleed it out and discard it to make sure there aren’t any bacteria or fungus infections in there. That’s just my theory.

But for whatever reason, while I’m cramping, EVERYTHING in my entire lower body starts spewing out everything inside it, not just the uterus. But it doesn’t work as well if I take ibuprofen to reduce the pain of the cramps. I have to have violent spewing of everything in order for this to really work. It’s horrible and unbearable, and I really don’t like to vomit. But it seems to have a *temporary* positive effect the next day, making me feel lighter and cleaner temporarily. I almost never allow myself to vomit when this happens, but it has happened on very rare occasions. That’s usually towards the end of the cramping when it’s almost over. I cramp badly for, maybe, two or three hours, and then it’s all done, and I just have mild pain for a while after that.

That whole tangent happened because I mentioned the incident of kneeling on the floor and getting ephedra on me.

So I’m not as contaminated, and not having as bad of side effects from this particular type of ginseng. However, there is a disturbing effect the next day. I believe that it takes a while for all the effects to happen, because some of it happens when the pill reaches your large intestine, where more of the substances start to get absorbed, many hours after you take the pill, or the next day. That happened when I ate wild purslane. It was fine at first, but then, about eight hours later, in the middle of the night, I had heart arrhythmias from the cardiac glycoside poisons. I felt like I was going to die. I have classified purslane as poisonous and inedible, even though other people claim that it’s commonly eaten in foreign countries. There might be a domesticated variety with less poison in it.

That’s the whole reason we domesticate plants for food, to reduce the poisons they contain, which is why it’s utterly ridiculous to create GMO corn with more poisons in it to kill bugs – we spent thousands of years domesticating these plants to be helpless and without poison, and now, we’re like, ‘You don’t have enough poison, so we’re going to manufacture some DNA to make you have poisons again.’ This is one particular type of GMO corn (or whatever plant) where they’ve added…. nicotinamides? I believe that’s it. Some form of nicotine, which is a natural pesticide.

Tobacco plants produce nicotine, and its effect is to kill insects and protect the plant. People can spray tobacco juices on other plants as a pesticide. Now they’re making GMO plants that produce a
nicotine-based pesticide to protect them from bugs. But it’s stupid – we bred them to be edible and lacking poison, and also, the reason why they are so helpless is partly because our soils are depleted and devoid of minerals for the plants, so the plants are unhealthy. Also, I find that particular GMO plant to be extremely suspicious: if it contains a nicotine-like substance, then it is likely to be extremely addictive.

Neonicotinamides? I just heard a voice in my head saying it. I’d have to google it. Even though it isn’t exactly the same chemical, blah blah blah, it’s still likely to be addictive and to have effects similar to nicotine in the body, because our metabolism breaks things down into pieces, and it’s possible that nicotine will be a metabolic byproduct if it has any form of nicotine anywhere in the molecule.

Cocaine and that other thing dentists use – novocaine – are similar and have similar effects – the molecules are related to each other and if I recall, both come from the coca plant (I could be wrong – maybe novocaine is entirely synthetic). Just because they’re slightly different molecules doesn’t mean you can just ignore one of them and say it has no effect on the body whatsoever. It has slightly different effects, but is similar.

Therefore, neonicosoids or neonicotinamides or whatever are going to have *some* kind of effect in the body, which might have a resemblance to nicotine’s effects. I’m actually more concerned about THAT plant than I am about Roundup-Ready GMO corn. Roundup-ready’s harmful effects result from the fact that people spray the plant with tons and tons and tons of Roundup, which remains on and in the corn while you’re eating it. The Roundup itself is most likely the cause of the toxic effects that happen when you eat this GMO corn. If you raised Roundup-Ready GMO corn all by itself, without spraying Roundup all over it, I suspect that its effects on you would not be so bad. I suspect that that harmful effects of that particular GMO are not the result of merely the plant itself, but the Roundup sprayed all around it.

However, the other GMO plant with the nicotine-like pesticide, produced within the corn plant as a result of DNA manipulation, worries me more. That one will inevitably have a nicotine-like poison inside the corn, regardless of whether you spray anything on the plant or not. You could raise that plant organically, with no pesticides or herbicides around it, and yet it would still contain a poison inside, produced by the plant, just like any other poisonous plant on earth.

If it’s a nicotine-like substance, then it’s likely to be an addictive drug, but they’re going to claim, ‘Oh, but it isn’t NICOTINE, so it’s nothing to worry about! It’s just in the nicotine FAMILY of molecules, but it doesn’t have any effects that resemble nicotine, ha ha ha!’ So you get addicted to eating corn, as strongly as you get addicted to smoking cigarettes, because something in this
nicotine-like pesticide in the corn plant breaks down into nicotine somewhere in your metabolic processing. That one worries me more than the other GMO plants. It just seems too sinister to have happened by accident out of sheer stupidity. They didn’t just choose a
nicotine-like substance BY ACCIDENT. It has to be a deliberate attempt to secretly force people to be addicted to this corn that produces nicotine, and that is a VERY sinister plot indeed. It’s so sinister it’s worthy of an evil villain on a cheesy kid’s movie. Mwahahahaha! I’m going to produce a GMO corn plant that makes people ADDICTED to my foods, like a drug, so that they crave more and more corn! I’ll be rich!! Mwahahahahah!

There are also non-GMO plants that are being sprayed with tons and tons of Roundup. They discovered that people were using Roundup for a sort of ‘off-label’ use, for a purpose it wasn’t intended for: to kill the FOOD plants, deliberately, when it was time to harvest them. Time to harvest the wheat? Okay, kill all the wheat with Roundup! Spray the WHEAT, the FOOD PLANT, with Roundup to kill THE WHEAT itself, which will then burn up and dry out and turn brown, and therefore be easier to harvest. It then has Roundup residues all over the wheat, even though it was non-GMO wheat. Those people who were doing that were NOT happy about Roundup-Ready GMO plants, because they *want* the plant to be destroyed by Roundup, not immune to it! They wanted Roundup to deliberately destroy the plants so they could be harvested easily.

Oh yeah, when I started this blog, I was just going to comment something about calendars. I saw an article on the weather page about how satellites were observing an increase in brightness due to Christmas lights. They said it also happens in Ramadan in Muslim countries, but they’re not putting up Christmas lights, they’re just doing more activities in the evening with the lights on, or something – it was a different pattern of activity that was causing it. I had to read about Ramadan then, and they say that there is an Islamic lunar calendar, as in, in the modern world, some people are still using a calendar based on the moon. I suddenly realized I like that idea.

In history class in school, I was brainwashed to believe that everything we modern Europeans did was superior. There was this incident in the past where, for example, the SMART PEOPLE decided that everyone shalt henceforth use a particular calendar instead of some other calendar. We did that because we were smarter than those stupid people in the past who were mistakenly and stupidly using some other type of calendar, due to their ignorance and stupidity. Now that we’re smarter, we don’t use that kind of calendar anymore.

They also did something similar with the metric system. Stupid people were using weird measurements with numbers that were hard to calculate and stupid. So we modern people changed it all into nice, neat units of ten, because we’re smarter than those stupid people in the past who used those weird measurements because they were stupid. That was how it was all portrayed to me in school.

However, I learned a few things since then. I learned that actually, there are some very good rationales for using those weird measuring systems based on the number 12, and there are entire groups of people devoted to educating people about the benefits of a twelve-based number system. In reality, the people who are aware of this and fully understand it are SMARTER than we are, not stupider! The people who forced us to switch to a metric system were stupider and didn’t understand what they were doing and what they were giving up.

It’s true, nowadays we can measure the length of the year, and units of time, more precisely, using technology we didn’t have in the past, and so we know exactly how long a year is, to the fraction of a second.

But I like the idea that some people are using units of time based on something they can see with their eyes, by themselves, without any scientific instruments. I like that! Some people are measuring a year in lunar months, by simply observing what the moon is doing, and it’s the Islamic Lunar Calendar. You can also observe what the sun is doing, if you use reference objects outdoors, which the sun will touch at particular seasons of the year. So you can build monoliths and stuff in a certain position, and a seat to sit on in a certain location, and record all the stars and the sun’s locations all year long.

The sun and the moon have separate cycles, so the lengths of these two years won’t match. But why is that so horrible, I suddenly asked myself, and I realized: It’s not! It’s actually no big deal at all. What’s wrong with the idea of having two separate calendars that are measuring two separate things, which don’t totally coincide with each other? You just use each one for a particular purpose that it’s suited to, and if necessary, you adjust them once a year so they work together, or something, if you want to – or not! All you’d have to do would be add a few days at the end of the year, every year, to reset the calendar and make the lunar one match with the solar one. No big deal! There is no reason why one calendar must prevail over the other one and totally wipe the other one out of existence! Whenever it’s important to pay attention to the seasons, knowing when winter will come and that kind of thing, then we use the solar calendar. When we want to know something else, we use the lunar calendar, or use both together. If you say it’s been four moons since the summer solstice, that’s a meaningful statement even though you are using two different calendars. Why is this such a big deal and such a horrendous thing that we had to portray ourselves as all smart and superior for making one, and only one, Big Unified Standardized Universal Calendar For Everyone And Everything?

I realized this, partly because I’m on ginseng, and I said it makes me smarter. My observations about things are deeper – the observations that fit in between. I’m seeing things in between other things that I wouldn’t normally see, on a deeper level. I usually see the topmost level, but now I see things between things, and things between those things. Meta-observations. Things about things.

Fortunately I’m not seeing the Unsustainable Manic Projects (UMPs) happening like they do with St. John’s Wort. I’m also not having raging sexual arousal either, thankfully. However, that scary feeling the next day, where I feel sort of like I’m going to have a stroke, worries me enough that I might not want to keep using ginseng for long. I will keep the dosage quite low. Oh, also, they recommend that you stop using caffeine and other stimulants while using ginseng. I think I was using *whole* ginseng last time, too, but the stuff I have now is merely an extract.

Last time I tried it, I wanted to kill somebody. My head felt like it would explode, and I felt murderous. I felt like I would vomit. I threw away the bottle after taking only one pill. It’s not like that this time. This time, it’s causing me to feel a constant hunger, an intense and insatiable craving, which indicates that it’s probably depleting my body of some nutrients, I’m guessing. I don’t know. It’s a theory. But I also noticed Spontaneous Cleaning Behaviors (SCBs) – I suddenly see that my room is a huge pile of filth, and I spontaneously get up and clean up one or two piles of filth without really being forced to do it. SCBs are desirable drug effects. I was also able to tolerate filling out *part* (though not all) of a job application, after having used the ginseng – again, tolerating trauma and tolerating severe anxiety, and continuing to do a task in spite of it, is a desirable drug effect.

I also noticed Morning Tremor, which I get when I’m exposed to pesticides. I wake up in bed, vibrating. My whole body vibrates, back and forth, rhythmically. It only happens in the morning when I first wake up. It is always a sure indication that I was exposed to a very toxic substance the previous day, almost always pesticides or herbicides. This brand contains Royal Jelly, which is something that bees feed to the queen bee, so it’s possible that I really am getting pesticides! Bees, unfortunately, collect pollen and nectar in areas that have been sprayed with pesticides, and they bring it home and poison the entire colony, causing everybody to die. If it’s only a small amount, it probably decreases their health and weakens them, without killing them all, and so I am able to eat royal jelly that contains small amounts of pesticides, enough to cause me to wake up with a morning tremor the next day. I’d get another brand, but that requires a bus trip to some other grocery store or Wal-Mart. Anyway, I could also just be having morning tremor as a direct result of ginseng itself, I just don’t know that for sure. When I bought this bottle, I said, ‘Mark my words: Every time you buy an herbal supplement with some other stuff added to it, it’s always bad.’ Don’t buy supplements that have a bunch of stuff mixed together – it’s always bad. Don’t buy vitamin supplements that secretly have a bunch of herbal supplements added in to them. You never know what effects you’re going to get, and it’s always bad, and the drugs interact with each other and cause stronger effects and worse effects than they do by themselves, or else, they cause effects which you cannot pinpoint or troubleshoot because it could have been caused by any one of the ingredients.

Anyway, Jesse wanted to go for a jog today. I can’t jog, I can only trot briefly and then take a rest break and walk slowly, but even so, he wants to do this with me. We did it last night. I took him to see a movie, and we rode the bus. He never rides the bus, so it was a new experience. We saw Night At The Museum 3, Robin Williams’ last movie, and it was ‘strangely coincidental’ that this was a movie where Robin Williams dies for the last time. Jesse said that actually, Robin Williams had played another role just before that, where he said something to the effect of, ‘I’m going to die in 2014.’ In ‘Museum,’ he still doesn’t really die for the last time, but he dies permanently from the point of view of the main character who I’m calling ‘Walter Mitty’ because I can’t remember that actor’s real name.

Walter Mitty leaves the museum once and for all and never sees Robin Williams again, and leaves behind his ‘childish fantasies,’ and moves on to becoming an adult, sadly. We let go of something forever in that movie, and Robin Williams is part of what we are letting go. Jesse and I were both moved, more than was expected of you from the movie itself, every time Robin Williams was in the process of dying, and also at a moment where he falls into space – although he falls back upwards again because it’s an MC Escher painting (you had to be there), and so he doesn’t really die that time. Every time Robin Williams was turning into wax, I could feel the death of the real actor in progress. It matches reality too closely. He was getting Parkinson’s disease too, or perhaps Parkinsonism, which is temporary, curable, and drug-induced, but which everyone always misdiagnoses as a permanent and irreversible disease, without every asking you, ‘What drugs are you taking that could have caused this Parkinson-like movement disorder?’ Nope, it’s never drug-induced! It’s always a permanent, irreversible, incurable disease all by itself that has nothing to do with drugs, according to mainstream doctors! Oh well. I think he died because of antidepressants, but that’s another story. Antidepressants are usually the thing that pushes you over the edge when you’re suicidal. You finally get the guts to do it for real because of the antidepressants.

I’m going to try to go for another trot with Jesse, maybe. I’m not fat, but what little fat that I have sloshes up and down when I jog, heavy and bulky, clunking along, stomp stomp stomp stomp. I don’t jog lightly. I should go barefoot on the soil – that helps – but it’s icy cold outside. And last time I ran barefoot, I stubbed my toe on a rock, and I believe I actually broke my toe, for real, I just didn’t go to the doctor to get it splinted. It was badly hurt for a very long time, actually, when I ran barefoot and bumped a rock. So, you have to be very careful and not bump any rocks with your toes. Or, you just get used to breaking your toes over and over again, and maybe they get stronger and stronger every time they rebuild themselves, so that your toes finally become a solid, unbreakable mass of bone. Who knows. That would only happen if you are eating a nourishing diet that doesn’t deplete your bones of minerals, and I am NOT eating ANYTHING that resembles that kind of diet. Just the opposite – I drink tons of Coke and coffee.

So I reluctantly agree to go sloshing along with Jesse, who is tall, beautiful, slender, lightweight, fast, and longlegged. It’s like a dwarf jogging with an elf. (We went to see ‘The Hobbit – 5 Armies’ after seeing ‘Museum.’) I’m sort of a combination of dwarf, elf, and hobbit, maybe. I have Galadriel’s long hair, although not quite as long as hers. I have a mustache, and some legends claim that female dwarves have mustaches, although they are never seen. I could possibly be a hobbit too, since I’m pretty short. Who knows what I am. Something weird. Jesse has to slow himself down greatly to jog with me. We jogged home, not wanting to wait for the bus after the movie, and it took forever, and we were dead exhausted. I woke up this morning feeling like a train ran over me, AND NOW HE WANTS TO JOG AGAIN! But he’s practicing for the military. Boot camp, January 19th. 😦

Well, time to post this.

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