Turmeric and cumin put me into a violent, angry mood where I am obsessed with punishing people for crimes – specifically, the crime of declawing cats

12:21 PM 12/17/2014

I bought both turmeric and cumin the other day to test my reactions to them. I don’t remember exactly what it was that made me do it – oh, that’s right, I remember I saw a link to an article saying that curcumin (one of the substances in both turmeric and cumin) can reduce people’s fearful memories if they had PTSD. I’m not sure if I believe it, or, maybe it doesn’t work in such a straightforward way. I just wanted to test it and see how my body reacted to it.

I bought both of them, so I’m not distinguishing between the effects of them both. I only did this in the last couple days and was just eating a bunch of stuff out of both bottles – on the first day, I added it to a bowl of hot soup from Weis. The next time I tried it, I drank it mixed with water – it doesn’t dissolve in water, and it works much better to put it into soup.

When I ate it with the soup, I got the effect of sleepiness right away. It was a sedative. That didn’t happen very much at all when I only drank it mixed with water. But I didn’t fall asleep. I had also had some caffeine, and that might be the reason, but also, I’ve had experiences with other sedatives before where it made me tired so I wanted to lie down, but I couldn’t fall asleep. So sometimes that just happens to me with things that are sedatives.

These are just ordinary spices on the spice shelf at the grocery store. It’s not even from the ‘herbal medicine’ section of the store. The effects are very mild.

However, I am noticing something else which nobody mentioned as an effect from these spices. I’m noticing that since I started eating them, I’ve become more angry. Now, I am on my period, but it seemed like I was even more angry than I usually am on my period. I was very irritable.

I’m not just angry, I’m actually thinking about punishment or vengeance for crimes, but the particular types of crimes that I’m thinking of are the type of crimes that I myself am socionically aware of: not relationship crimes, but crimes against physical bodies. I don’t think at all about punishing people for, say, infidelity. But I can be very confident in my judgment of people who declaw cats or circumcise babies. You’re able to judge people in areas where your own personality type is strong – you can be much more confident about what is right or wrong in that area.

I am 100% certain that declawing cats is absolutely evil, and that it should be made illegal with zero exceptions – it is never ‘medically necessary.’ That loophole must be covered, because I saw somebody on one page commenting that they declawed their cat because her claws were permanently extended and could not be retracted – apparently, it’s some kind of deformity of the paws. Even something like that should not be allowed as a reason to declaw. The ‘medical necessity’ loophole is SO SMALL that it should not even be acknowledged to exist, and does not require a loophole to be made for it. That loophole will always be way too huge, and people will widen it. There is no need to worry about ‘What if something happens that REQUIRES us to declaw them, but we’re not allowed to because it’s illegal?’ That loophole is so ridiculous, so pointless, and so trivial that it should just be totally ignored. There are no circumstances that require a cat to be declawed for medical necessity. If you want to argue about those types of loopholes, then you also need to think about making loopholes in all of our existing laws already on the books, to allow vigilantes to take revenge against people who have committed crimes against them (‘But what if it’s “medically necessary” for me to shoot my neighbor, because there aren’t any police around anywhere, etc, etc?’). The more loopholes you make, the more people will want to use them for everything and anything.

For whatever reason, either this turmeric or cumin – both of them contain some of the same substances, and I just was eating both at once during these tests, since I just decided spontaneously to buy both of them – is making me more angry and more obsessed with punishing people for crimes and eliminating crimes from the earth, but only those crimes that I myself feel confident about. If I were in an Islamic country, I myself would be getting the death penalty for dozens of relationship crimes that I’ve committed throughout my life – having a relationship with a married man, having sex before marriage, infidelity, and so on.

For whatever reason, the mood that I’m in is making me pay lots of attention to my cat’s front paws. Every time I see them, I think about the fact that they are declawed.

If you read anti-declawing web pages, some of them mention that ‘rear declawing is rare.’ But it happens, and it’s even more horrible and unthinkable, and the rationale for it is even more insane, and the people who do it are even more delusional. Some people say, ‘We didn’t get their rear claws done, because there was no reason to,’ instead of saying ‘We didn’t get their rear claws done, because then they wouldn’t be able to scratch itches at all.’ Cats use their back feet to scratch itches. Cats without back claws cannot scratch any itches at all. Their owners will surely be too dumb to provide them with some kind of scratchy brushing surface that they can rub against when they need to, because the people commenting on these web pages were so completely insane, so completely delusional, so completely unaware of any other living creature’s point of view, so completely absorbed in that universe where other living creatures are merely objects that exist for our amusement, that they could not understand that a cat even needs to scratch an itch, or that it has any physical needs at all, other than to be ‘cute’ and to comfort and entertain its owners – ‘owners,’ as though someone has the right to ‘own’ a cat.

The people commenting on these web pages are completely insane and have no concept of reality whatsoever. For example, one commenter writes, ‘In fact, my cats showed signs of being happier after I declawed them.’ This is insanity and it shows a total absence of understanding of cat behavior and a total inability to discern cause and effect.

During this mood, I have wanted to give the harshest punishments to these people. Perhaps they would get a warning first. There would be lots of public warnings for some time in advance. The public would be flooded with warnings to the effect that severe physical punishments would be given to people who declawed cats. That’s only fair, to warn them first, because it’s true, people can be ignorant. My own parents circumcised their son because of ignorance, because the internet didn’t exist back then, because people did things automatically merely because it was commonly done that way without question. You have to warn them in advance that what they are doing is a horrible, horrible crime, and that it absolutely must under no circumstances ever be done again, but they will be forgiven for having done it in the past during their time of ignorance. But after these warnings, ignorance will no longer be an excuse. The public must be flooded with warnings.

If anyone should be caught ignoring the warnings and declawing cats anyway, then they receive the harshest physical punishments. At first I was wishing for the death penalty, but then considered that instead, they ought to have all their fingers and toes chopped off, they should be locked in a room with biting, itching insects crawling all over them for hours, and locked in a room with hungry wild dogs or wolves chasing them and no means of self-defense.

People who declaw their cats will say that they’ve kept their cats indoors forever to protect them against danger, and so, the punishment for those people shall be the same: to be locked indoors for decades at a time, never allowed outside. Other people will go in and out, but they will kick you out of the way if you try to run out the door. And those people shall be given nothing but horrible food, the same food every day, dry kibbles and a bowl of water. They won’t be allowed to use the toilet, but will have to use a litter box, which gets dirty until their lazy, stupid owners clean it out. They will have to crawl over the dirty used litter with their bandaged hands and toes, with their open wounds, as the urine ammonia and fecal bacteria gets into their wounds and burns them, after having their fingers and toes amputated. We might as well chop off their uteruses and testicles too, because that is so commonly done.

For whatever reason, turmeric and cumin seem to be making me preoccupied with this sort of idea. I’m not usually this overtly violent-minded. I *am* always aware of the absolute evil of declawing, but usually, my mood allows me to think about other things, rather than obsessing about vengeance and punishment to the

Iranian food uses a lot of turmeric, but so does Indian food. I was thinking that maybe countries that are well known for having the death penalty might also be countries where people use a lot of this spice, but I don’t know – India? Is there a lot of violent vengeance and death penalities in India? There are some countries where they use tons and tons of these spices in almost every meal, every day. If it’s affecting me this strongly after only testing it for a couple days, what does it do to those countries as a whole where it is used constantly by everyone everywhere? It has to affect the level of anger and vengeance and punishment and retaliation in those countries.

There are other foods, and other spices, besides just those two, which can cause anger. I only just happened to test those particular ones.

7 Responses to “Turmeric and cumin put me into a violent, angry mood where I am obsessed with punishing people for crimes – specifically, the crime of declawing cats”

  1. nebbie916 Says:

    Speaking of your reference to being denied access to the toilet and having to use the litter box, I’ve heard that cats can actually and feasibly learn to use a toilet. The benefits of cats using the toilet are great, including hygiene (cats paws stay clean, no exposure to Toxoplasma gondii, Escherichia coli, and other harmful germs that are in litter boxes) money (not have to spend money on litter and litter boxes), convenience (don’t have to pick up and scoop litter or clean litter boxes, just have to flush or install an automatic flusher) health (cats, humans and other animals that live in the house doesn’t get exposed to toxins and allergens in the litter, clay litter contains toxic sodium bentonite and toilet-using cats aren’t exposed to it), environment (with a toilet-using cat, no litter, urine, or feces has to get sent to the landfill, clay litter is procured by strip mining toilet-using cats don’t use any litter) behavior (toilet-using cats don’t dig neurotically as they don’t have to dig to cover the urine or feces odors, toilets are more natural because they provide a clean place to eliminate each time, unlike litter boxes), and odor (no cat urine or feces odors and no need to cover up said litter box odors with odor eliminating sprays).

    I saw a few cat toilet training and cat toilet training toilet seat websites.

    1) Cats of Thrones: http://catsofthrones.com
    2) The Purrfect Potty: http://www.thepurrfectpotty.com
    3) Cat Kitty Toilet Train: http://www.catkittytoilettrain.com

    Cat toilet training is a good and feasible option if you:

    1) have a mostly or completely indoor cat
    2) have a kitten that is at least three months old
    3) esppecially if your living situation doesn’t safely allow for a largely, mostly, or completely outdoor cat (i.e., an apartment or a condo, no secure backyard, too close to a busy street)
    4) the cat is able-bodied enough to hop onto the toilet easily

  2. Lil Says:

    Curcumin is a MAO inhibitor. It can therefore theoretically change neurotransmitter levels. My dad noticed a similar effect from the pill form. Did you mix with black pepper and oil ?

  3. Nicole Says:

    Interesting. No, I didn’t mix it with anything else. I do recall a coworker said to eat it with pepper for effectiveness. Thanks for the info – I didn’t know it had already been documented. I believe it affects a lot of people more than they realize, perhaps entire cultures.

  4. Anonymous Says:



    …more popular since the www says it cures “everything”…

    “MAO inhibitor”


    interesting seems like Chinese herbology has taken root.


  5. Nicole Says:

    Yeah, I remember noticing how extremely angry it made me feel. I had a theory that turmeric might explain why all the people in all the cultures that constantly eat turmeric are angry and violent all the time – but if I’m going to make that claim, I should actually map exactly where turmeric is constantly eaten and find out for sure if those are the violent cultures.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I’m so happy I found this as I too become very irritable after consuming turmeric. I realized today at work that after I took it I became very irritable, angry and mean thoughts running through my head. I wanted to yell at everyone, I didn’t but I sure wanted to yell. I think you may be on to something where these spices are linked to anger issues. I am relieved I’m not the only one.

  7. Nicole Says:

    It’s interesting to hear that someone else is having the same experience. I haven’t eaten much turmeric in a long time so I forget exactly how it made me feel, but I did not feel good at all. I definitely don’t see it as a ‘health food’ anymore.

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