How did I kill my power cord?

10:24 AM 7/31/2014

I unplugged my laptop during the thunderstorms yesterday, but my power cord got fried anyway. I always unplug it during a storm to avoid frying my netbook. But I never expected that the power cord, all by itself, would get fried by a thunderstorm even though it was unplugged.

I could feel extremely strong electrical fields yesterday during the storm, and I was terrified that we were going to get hit, right here, this hotel. I didn’t know where to go – there really isn’t a basement. There’s a stairwell that goes down to a maintenance area, I think, but I doubt that I could get in there.

If the unplugged power cord really did get fried just because of the electricity – well, I was sitting on the floor, and I could feel electricity running directly through the floor, the way I used to feel it running through the ground during storms when I was camping. I never want to camp in a thunderstorm again. I can’t feel that electricity so much when I’m in a house during a storm, and the house would provide a *little* bit of protection from a lightning strike. It redirects the energy.

But apparently, it was enough electricity to induce my netbook’s power cord even while unplugged. It was just touching the floor! It must have overwhelmed the little surge protector box in the middle of the cord. I’m just trying to plug in my netbook today and no matter what I do, no matter which outlet I plug it in, the cord no longer works, the little blue light won’t light up, and it says my netbook isn’t charging. This happened sometime between now and yesterday, because it worked fine yesterday.

Maybe something more mundane killed it. The netbook was on the floor under some stuff, and I *slightly* pulled on the power cord to slide it out from under that stuff. Maybe the cord was folded or tangled and it broke the wires when I pulled on the cord. But now, I need to get a new one or I won’t be able to charge my laptop at all. This means an errand. Grr.

As for my project, I have sorted through a couple more bags, but progress is slow. I will succeed, it just takes time. I don’t have much to do, really.

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