Bike pedal won’t loosen

I removed my bike pedals easily enough a while ago when I did a previous attempt to decontaminate them. But this time, one of them won’t come off. I might have tightened it while attempting to loosen it. I’m looking at it, I’m reading instructions and stuff, I’ve tried going both directions, and it won’t turn either way. I’m praying that the magical fairies of screw-loosening will secretly do the job for me while I take a break. I just had to walk away. I was going to totally replace the pedals and then also change my shoes, so that I would stop contaminating the floors everywhere I go. But now I’ve hit this obstacle which is slowing down my entire project and wasting my time. One pedal came right off with some effort, and then this one was just impossible. I had everything ready, I had it all planned, and now I can’t do this. I even tried adding a little bit of chain oil into the screw, but it cannot penetrate anything except the outermost surface. I’ve been stepping on the wrench with all my 140-150 pounds of body weight, I tried banging it with a rock, I tried grabbing onto a tree and stepping on the pedal, and I’ve probably bent my wheel or something trying to hold onto various objects and pulling and pushing, but it just won’t move.

I’m ordering a pizza. I had to just walk away. I have to decide what to do. I’ve asked for help. The magical money printing fairies (Mom and Dad) are sending a check in the mail for me, but in reality I probably need much more than they will send. I need so much help. I need everything. I need a couple more days to do this decon. I need to make a decision about what I will do if I cannot take off this bike pedal. This is a non-trivial project. It is important for my decon. It cannot simply be left on and ignored. The only alternative would be to cover up the pedals with some kind of protective wrapper.

3 Responses to “Bike pedal won’t loosen”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Spray oil on it and then ask a physically strong person to help. Move to WV

  2. Nicole Says:

    I gave up, I’m probably just going to get a new bike. I’ve had this one all year. It was just a cheap one from Target. I wanted a different bike anyway for various reasons. As for moving to WV…. yes, I would consider it, but I sort of have an emotional attachment to some people who live here. However, I’d consider going to WV to be near my parents….

  3. Anonymous Says:

    People come in and out of our lives.It’s like a river that’s why we must enjoy our time. Fix the pedal and then get a new bike if you want. It will make you feel good to fix the pedal.

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