I’m out of my denial now, and taking action

This morning I woke up and was ready to start taking action. I am now looking for new apartments and writing down a to-do list of things I need to do to prepare for this move. It is not going to be that hard, but I do have to take action soon instead of procrastinating. I found one listed right nearby for around $400, which is the amount that I have typically paid for a one bedroom apartment – that’s usually about the lowest I can find around here. It’s right next door, and I want to stay in this area, because it’s a nice place, it’s close to where I work, it’s close to Jesse, I’m surrounded by exotic people from foreign countries, I have a bus route, etc, etc, like I said before. So I am no longer in denial, and have moved into the phase of taking action. It will get done and it won’t be that bad. I’m probably going to have to ask my parents for help, which is cheating, and billions of other people on earth have poorer parents than mine, so they’re not able to just ask their parents for help every time something goes wrong in their lives, and I am aware of this – I am extremely lucky.

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