Wal-Mart products have labels that say these things have a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer

1:25 AM 8/19/2013

I was at Wal-Mart looking for the tools I wanted, and I picked up one of the really cheap ones, the cheapest one there, made in China, of course. A warning label on the back said, ‘This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects.’ I have seen this label before, and wondered about it. I have a lot of mixed feelings. Sometimes I have felt contempt, as though the warning was unnecessary and I shouldn’t take it seriously. Sometimes I thought they were overreacting by putting that warning on there. I wondered how it could still be sold at Wal-Mart if it had something in it that was known to cause cancer, and therefore, it must not really cause cancer.

This is a crisis of faith in humanity, in Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart might really be selling something that is known to cause cancer, and when we read these warning labels, we have to reconcile this and accept whatever feelings we feel about it.

I have seen that label several times, but since I have been buying things to be kept only temporarily, I didn’t mind it that much – I’ve thrown away any of the items that I ever bought in the past that had that label on them, because of my decons and getting rid of all my belongings. I still bought a couple things anyway.

But tonight, as I stood there holding this tool, the cheapest one available (“Ultra Steel”), I could feel something in the plastic making the skin of my hand tickle. It was an intense, disgusting, unpleasant tickle, sort of like nausea. I felt like I would vomit if a large amount of that feeling were to happen at once. It felt like an electrical current was going through my skin, almost. It felt exactly the way that I feel when I am touching my drug residues. But when I put down the tool, the sensation went away. It only seemed to happen if I was actually holding the tool in my hand. In other words, it wasn’t wiping a whole bunch of poison residues onto my hand. I still don’t understand this phenomenon, but have experienced it with the residues too – they somehow seem to stick in clothing so they don’t wash out, but yet, they are able to penetrate my skin, even though they won’t let go of the clothing no matter how hard I try to make them. Are they really even separating from the clothing and entering my skin, I wonder, or is it really one of those New Age ‘Energy’ type phenomena, where the ‘energy signature’ of the molecules is doing something to me even if the molecules themselves aren’t going through my skin?

I did wash my hands afterwards, though. I decided not to buy that particular tool. I decided that California was probably right about this chemical, whatever it was, which meant that it wasn’t necessarily just Wal-Mart who was doing something bad, but also the US government, who was allowing cancer-causing chemicals to be sold elsewhere besides California. It’s the same as the warning labels on prescription drugs. People tell you to just ignore them. They say not to worry about all that stuff. It won’t happen to you.

Someone on the internet said that the cancer labels are there ‘just for compliance reasons.’ He meant, you can just ignore them, they’re just complying with some law in California, and, obviously, the law is overkill, he was implying, and unnecessary.

They have these little small warning labels, but people assume that if the warning were actually true, then we would act accordingly, and not sell it. People don’t assume that we would give you a warning and then act against the warning and do the opposite of what we should do. They assume the warning must be just wrong, if all these people are ignoring it. They assume that people are trustworthy and that people care about other people’s health and welfare. It’s unthinkable to imagine that somebody out there really knows for sure, absolutely for certain, that this chemical causes cancer, but they’re selling it anyway.

It must be something that only causes cancer sometimes, in some circumstances, but not all of the time for everybody. But yet, many people get cancer and don’t know why they got it. How many people with cancer were buying and handling plastics that contained toxic chemicals?

But I could feel something intense, nauseating, and tickly going through my skin as I held this object. What was it, exactly? It was in the plastic. I knew it could be bisphenol-A, but there are millions of other dangerous chemicals that it could be. I’m reading on the net now, and they’re mentioning flame retardant chemicals too.

Anyway, I didn’t buy that tool. And I haven’t taken off the pedal cranks yet from the bike, because it’s dark outside and I’m very tired. I was walking all over the place today. Most of my day was spent traveling from one place to another either on foot, on bike, or on a bus, or sitting and waiting for another bus so that I could transfer from one bus to another. It was a very inefficient day. I am looking forward to trying a motorized bicycle. I’m guessing that all the components of the motor are made with cancer-causing chemicals, too, and that the exhaust will blow up on me from behind and get all over me and in my hair and my clothes and my skin every day. But I want to try it anyway to see if I can do it. I don’t have to keep it forever. It will be a learning experience.

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